Tuesday, October 26, 2004

monday, tuesday, rostered day off!

monday lunch with miss marina - we've set some goals & have a plan - have to report back when we have lunch next week. i'm to investigate the options and possibilities of my two all time best ever favourite job options... promise not to laugh??? dog groomer or librarian...

monday madness!
um, living in a place where halloween is hardly noticed, i didn't feel i could answer this week's madness - rest assured, i'm still mad!

let's go bowling!
no bowling this week as i'm poor.

well, that is monday out of the way. now on to tuesday.

another exciting shitty day at the office. my dear friend, kt, has a new job so he will be leaving soon. another one bites the dust. of course, management will do nowt about the fact that my team is haemorrhaging people (we have no blood left - we're treated like mindless zombies, we've become mindless zombies...) did i tell you about having to spend all of last thursday & friday wearing my call centre shackles hat??? any wonder i get the blahs.

oh well,
rostered day off

YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! the workday could not end soon enough. miss e came over tonight and we had subway for dinner, drank some rose and watched 'the oc'. i was supposed to be elsewhere tonight, but that is another story.

no soundtrack, i'm not interested :(