Sunday, September 28, 2003

bloomin' gorgeous

absolutely LOVED pirates of the caribbean!!! a bit bumachingly long but the two handsome lead men more than made up for the pain... and hardly a screaming child in sight!!!

i hate shallow people. get a life and stop sprouting such b.s.!!!

watching eddie izzard - glorious - what a funny, funny man.

todays cds:
fumbling towards ecstasy - sarah mclachlan - may have to add her to the obsessions list...
rapture - iio - cd single with 5 different versions
deeper & deeper - madonna - cd single with 7 different versions
it's my life - talk talk - gotta love british music of the 80s
greatest hits - duran duran - ditto
watching angels mend - alex lloyd - i don't care what you say jason, i still think alex is fabulous!
white ladder - david gray - finally managed to attack the kitchen - it's very pretty now... didnae cook, because i didnae want to mess it up again...

today's number is 28 and the word is rocky

good night