Monday, May 31, 2004


i start my new job tomorrow!! yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

apart from that, a rather standard day. 5 dogs. my bowling sucks.

if this is monday, i must be mad... monday madness!
1. What was the name of the last movie you watched (dvd, vhs, theatre, or tv)? super size me
2. What were you doing on the internet before coming here? reading my email
3. What color of pen do you usually write with? at work, red. at home, purple.
4. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? my lovely friend, catherine g.
5. When is your birthday? (month and day) june 24th
6. How organized is your computer desk? at home, very. at work, a total mess - that will have to change when i move desks...
7. How many calendars do you have in your house? um, the 2004 pug one, on the wall, the 2003 & 2004 john william waterhouse ones & the 2004 from a foodie magazine, sitting on the dining table. the 2003 local council one, on the fridge. a very old margaret olley one, somewhere in the spare room.
8. Do you clip coupons and use them when doing your grocery shopping? yes, but coupons here in oz are different. they are printed on the back of supermarket dockets and you use them at other places, e.g. to get 20c of your sydney morning herald at the newsagent.
9. Are you a morning person or a night owl? definitely a night owl
10. Did you enjoy your weekend? yes

let's go bowling!
erk... 102,103,92... we got zero points but will still be on top of the table for another week. next monday, we bowl against the team who are currently 4 points behind us...

seeds of love : tears for fears
son of evil reindeer : the reindeer section
last broadcast : doves

Sunday, May 30, 2004

sunny sunday

another gorgeous autumn day in sunny sydney. a bit of a chill but lovely blue skies, lotsa sunshine and 21 dogs! yippee!!!!

up early and met miss e at the bus stop at 9.15. we got to the verona too early, so browsed about in the berkelouw bookstore - susan heaven. so many lovely books to peek at.

'super size me' is very interesting. i don't know how mr spurlock made it through 30 days of eating mcdonalds food for every single meal. i would have given up after one day. my dinner tonight was delicious home made chicken soup - bloody divine and better than micky d's any day.

after the movie, miss e and i came back to randwick and had a nice coffee in the village shopping centre. miss e had picked up a flyer for the movie and we stuck it over the face of ronald mcdonald that sits outside of the mcdonalds store. by the time we had been to the greengrocer and supermarket, it was gone. some people have no sense of humour!!

i had my first long timchat in ages this afternoon. we have not managed to connect on the weekend for a while. we usually have a few minutes conversation in the morning but have not had a nice long chat for way too long.

currently engaged in kimchat. the poor man has worked all weekend. his weekend will start on wednesday...

further soundtrack for today:
galleon : richard pleasance (again)
merry christmas mr lawrence : soundtrack (ryuichi sakamoto)
last broadcast : doves (again)
rumours : fleetwood mac
a song is a city : eskimo joe (again)

blah blah

  1. Lover:: not a fighter
  2. Ridiculous:: verging on the...
  3. Oscar:: the grouch
  4. Tennis:: balls
  5. Account Balance:: zero
  6. Hickey:: mister... my 5th form chemistry teacher
  7. License:: driver's
  8. Breathmints:: wrigley's extra drops
  9. TexMex:: chilis
  10. Stepmother:: step-monster

today's soundtrack:
galleon : richard pleasance
diva : annie lennox (i adore this cd. so glad i sorted all my cds yesterday)
a song is a city : eskimo joe
seeds of love : tears for fear
last broadcast : doves

more later...

Saturday, May 29, 2004

keeping to myself saturday

very much a homebody day.

slept until 9.30am.

talked to jc, my old housemate from years ago - we plan to catch up again soon.

did the washing, vacuumed, cleaned out the budgie's cage.

spoke with miss e to organise a trip to the cinema tomorrow. have a free double to see 'super size me'.

talked to my mother to find out how to make chicken soup like my nanna used to make. cooked chicken soup (maybe not as good as my nanna's but made with her in mind, so made with love.)

currently engaged in kimchat [ cheeky :(|) ]

today's soundtrack:
a song is a city : eskimo joe (4 times)
diva : annie lennox (3 times)
seeds of love : tears for fears

Friday, May 28, 2004

oh dear,

...i've been very neglectful of my wee bloggy.

wednesday night i went to a pub trivia quiz with miss e, goanna, shell & kt and their housemates. we came 2nd which was a good effort. the team that beat us (by only 1 point) had a guy who won one of the highest amounts ever on 'sale of the century' (he went on to write questions for sotc and also now writes them for 'who wants to be a millionare' and 'the einstein factor'...) and an actress best known for playing a total ditz... our prize was a $75 voucher to use in the pub bistro. i guess we will just have to go back next week to spend our prize and go for 1st place...

last night, i felt so vile, i thought i was getting the dreaded lurgy... a few people at work have had it and mr kim has been suffering too. sore throat, scratchy voice, aching from the tips of my toenails to the top of my head. i was in bed, with my hot water bottle and a cup of chamomile tea by 9.30pm. i don't think i saw 9.45... i am feeling much better now. the voice is still a bit croaky but the aches have gone.

today has been a much better day. had a quick timchat this morning. spoke to eg in nz tonight. currently engaged in kimchat. there is still the chance that i may start my new job on tuesday but nothing has been set in concrete yet... i hope so, i'm soooooo wanting to get my teeth into all the new stuff.

the soundtrack of the last few days:
a song is a city : eskimo joe - bloody excellent aussie stuff. i recommend that you check it out.
the definitive anthology : richard clapton
a house on a street in a town i'm from : the panics
lost souls : doves
last broadcast : doves

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

tetchy tuesday

had my grump on today for reasons best left untold... again, we got hammered with too many calls; so again, no half/half for the new job. i'm getting very frustrated with the time it has taken to be released from my headset. at least there were 2 more people interviewed today and the girl who started last week is still turning up each day...

anyway, i'm thankful that i had some timchat this morning, got the bus home with miss e tonight and am currently engaged in kimchat.

speaking of tim, today we discovered that he knows baby g's mother's brother in law - it sure is one small world - they both studied at the same marine biology unit in guam, where the b-i-l lives.

TV Tuesday!!

Everybody may or may not love Raymond
Ray Romano and co. just signed on for one more year of Everybody Loves Raymond, for record salaries. Situation comedies have been popular on TV since the beginning, with Lucy and co. being one of the first. So what's your take on sitcoms?

1. What's your favorite sitcom? probably 'the royle family' or 'fawlty towers' and don't ever forget my obsession with 'the young ones'...
2. Is there a sitcom you really don't like? um, at the risk of being ostracised by my american readers/visitors, i would have to say most, if not all, american ones... i do like 'frasier', 'just shoot me' and 'sex and the city' but as you can tell from a lot of my answers, i am an anglophile and love all things british...
3. Which sitcom did you used to like, but now it just seems too hokey? um, i think they are all pretty hokey...

~Bonus~ If your life was a sitcom, what would the title be? what else but 'the 3rd daughter'!

And remember the immortal words of Homer Simpson: "The answers to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle. They're on TV."

rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell
the definitive anthology : richard clapton
a house on a street in a town i'm from : the panics
lost souls : doves

Monday, May 24, 2004


found at the other side

blogmaze - click the link to see what it's all about!

'N' is for Neville - any one who uses a gashlycrumb tiny reference gets my vote...
this led me to an upside down hippopotamus - i think the goblin is a cat...
the hippo sent me to get some sour milk - it was mellow yellow...
i'm glad there are things in my life that are better than a hat made of sh*t - interesting title...
the hat full of sh*t contained something really cool for the whole family - and here ends my blogmaze.

my monday

a pretty ordinary monday. was supposed to do a half & half day of call centre work and new job stuff. sadly, we were hammered with calls so i spent more of the day on the phone. i still managed to complete a workflow management calculated 3.5 hours of work for the new team but i did that mostly between calls.

my london friend, mlb, has a job interview today - please join me in wishing him lotsa luck.

monday madness!

1. I started blogging about nine months ago.
2. I try to post a new entry in my blog about every single day.
3. I read about 20 blogs on a regular basis.
4. I change my layout about once a year.
5. I used to be bored, and now I blog instead.
6. I spend more time blogging than I do housework.
7. I tend to blog (and visit blogs) most in the evenings.
8. The thing I enjoy most about blogging is the lovely new friends i have made.

let's go bowling!
erk... 94,118,129 - with an average of 120, that's a shocker. at least we got 8 points and are still on top!!! yippee!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

sunny sunday

another lovely sunday. went down to maroubra with kim and zac. we had a coffee at the pool caffe then wandered along the rocks on the coast, still endlessly talking. the autumn days have been perfect. cool/cold mornings and gloriously sunny days with just enough heat to warm the bones. being a dalmation, zac attracts a lot of attention. he is a lovely dog and loves to be petted and talked to. i'm very flattered that the two of them are happy to travel +50km just to spend a few hours with me (*blush*). they dropped me off at baby g's birthday party and headed off home.

baby g's 1st birthday party was a lot of fun, except there was no wedding. her parents had the 'wedding party' but not the wedding... baby g is as gorgeous as ever. there were lots of little ankle biters having a grand time and lots of adult friends to catch up with.

all in all, an excellent sunday.

  1. Finale:: season...
  2. Martial arts:: tae kwon do
  3. Flirt:: um, me
  4. Energy:: electricity
  5. Flavor:: taste
  6. Guess:: what?
  7. Accomplishment:: achievement
  8. Prom:: queen
  9. Diploma:: certificate
  10. Bloody:: mary (yum)

soundtrack of the last whenever...
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell
short note : matt finish
the definitive anthology : richard clapton
from the sea : eskimo joe
ray of light : madonna
the best of : new order
galleon : richard pleasance
it's my life : talk talk
a house on a street in a town i'm from : the panics
lost souls : doves

Saturday, May 22, 2004


i think i've forgotten how to blog... let's see if i can remember what to do...

1. my poor little siamese fighting fishy gave up his fight and has gone to the big fish tank in the sky. 8(
2. i have continued to chat online and via phone with mr kim. we are meeting up again tomorrow. :)
3. after coffee with kim, i will attend baby g's first birthday party and her parents 'non-traditional' wedding, as first blogged about here.
4. i bought 'fargo' and 'priscilla - queen of the desert' on dvd.
5. i did more overtime today. more $$$$!

i'm hoping to catch up with my blog reading. i have been lurking about but not perusing my favourite blogs with the usual intensity.

Thursday, May 20, 2004


i've been neglecting my wee bloggy this week. i've just been too tired to come up with anything exciting to say.

monday bowling was pretty average - 132,120,112. it was an astounding 16 dog day.

tuesday i worked an 11 hour day - 3 hours overtime for the $$$$.

wednesday night we had a company social club event - a beer tasting at the lowenbrau keller. not being a beer drinker, i had 3 glasses of wine. it was a fun night but the wine made me want to sleep.

today i found out that i should be able to start my new job at the begining of june - yippee!!!

i've having a meme free week because my brain is just not up to it.

next week, on payday, i'm going to organise some prizes for the 'how well do you know me' quiz. i've borrowed shirl's idea and will give prizes for all participants. the winners? nisi and harryo with 90! shirl was very close with 80! participation prizes for karen, mike and bryn. if you are happy to do so, please email your snailmail address to me (three_d59 at yahoo dot com dot au). thanks for playing!

i'm off now. normal blogging will resume shortly!

Sunday, May 16, 2004


...was the day. after nearly 3 months of online and telephone chat (with almost 6 hours on the phone till 4am this morning), i finally met up with mr kim . after coffee at the globe cafe in coogee, we sat in the park above the beach and kept talking, then walked along the coast towards maroubra. he bought his lovely dalmation, zac, along too - lovely man, lovely dog. it was a perfect warm autumn day - just right for wandering around in the sun. i lost count of how many dogs were out and about. it was easily over 50!

  1. Playoffs:: american football?
  2. Morris:: russell...
  3. Break up:: fall apart
  4. Eggs:: benedict - yum!
  5. Parker:: brothers
  6. Hardy Boys:: mysteries
  7. Deluxe:: edition
  8. Protection:: safety
  9. Girl Scout:: cookies
  10. Salsa:: verde

Saturday, May 15, 2004

did you miss me?

i forgot to say in my last post that i would be away for a few days, visiting the parental unit. i had a rostered day off on friday so decided i probably should go see my mum and dad. i haven't been since christmas. bad third daughter... they only live about 30 miles away (not quite an hour in the train), so it's not like i have to travel for ages to get there. spent some time in retail therapy with my mother. she bought me an early birthday present. i got two nice pairs of pinstriped trousers for work wear. the ones i'm wearing now are over 5 years old and starting to show their age. they were a bit long but mum took them up for me, so i don't have to rely on my own lacklustre needle skills (or staples and stickytape as i've done in the past.) we had a really yummy baked chicken dinner last night. the type that only mothers manage to make so well. as usual i was spoilt rotten and had breakfast made for me this morning before going off to work for overtime.

anyway i'm home now. going out tonight so i might blether on some more later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

tantrum free blogging!!

8 dogs, spent most of the day off the phone collating the call centre statistics. currently engaged in kimchat. pay day. what more could a girl want?

happy 66th birthday to my mother and happy 25th wedding anniversary to my oldest sister and her husband.

Wednesday Whatevers

1. What is the most annoying thing about school? um, it's been nearly 27 years since i left school. i think it was homework...
2. How much control do you need over your life? just enough to keep myself out of trouble. i'm not a control freak.
3. Would you rather have a perfect, or interesting life? Why? interesting. perfect is boring. i like bumps and scratches.

Lulu’s Lines

TRIGGER::::: I discovered.... that i am a survivor and that i am stronger than i give myself credit for.

soundtrack for the last few days: (i'm going throught an obsessive phase again)
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell
short note : matt finish
the definitive anthology : richard clapton - both discs about 5 times each...

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

um, sorry...

let's start again... i'm a dummy who got confused... sorry about my little tantrum...

normal blogging will now resume...

we'll pretend it's tuesday... (to the point where i've cheated and changed the date...)

another day where nothing much has happened. a 7 dog day with some quality kimchat. i've found out that we have a new starter in the call centre on may 20th, so hopefully i can start my new job early in june. i'm getting very antsy, waiting for the day when i'm no longer chained to my desk by the headset.

TV Tuesday!!

Reunited and it feels so good!
Tuesday at 9/8 central CBS is running the 159th episode of one of it's classic TV series: The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited. This episode was written 40 years later, with all the surviving cast members in it. This will be an actual episode, with the actors in character, not just actors sitting around reminiscing about the good old days.

Bill Persky, the show's writer-producer, said in TV Guide: "Everybody's memory was not what it was. We could remember a joke from 40 years ago, but we couldn't remember whether we decided to do a scene this way or that way. Everybody had something they almost remembered, so when we were looking for a title, I came up with The Dick Van Dyke Show Almost Remembered. The comic timing was terrific - except when they couldn't hear anything. There was a lot of "What? What? What?" The greatest below-the-line expense was for hearing aid batteries."

On that note, how do you feel about reunion shows?

1. What show would you like to see brought back for an hour or two episode, to see how the characters are doing now? (This should be a show that it might be possible to do a reunion on.) the young ones. would they have jobs yet? somehow, i doubt it...

2. Pick a show that could not realistically be brought back for a reunion, because some or all of the cast members are gone. What if they could have done a reunion before it was too late? Name the show you'd most like to see. number 96 - the man who played alf sutcliffe used to be my landlord back in 1983 when i lived in rozelle.

3. Which reunion show have you watched and thought "Wow, they should have left that one alone!" i cannot say that i have ever watched a reunion show of any sort, so i cannot answer this question...

~Bonus~ Which do you prefer- a "reunion" episode of the series, or a "cast reunion" where the actors sit around and talk about the making of the show? definitely a 'reunion' episode.

A Fashion "Don't"

1. Should You Wear White After Labor Day?: um, i have no idea, i don't wear white...
2. Do You Wear Sandals w/ Socks (be honest)?: never
3. Panty Lines must be Avoided at All Costs (T or F)?: who cares...
4. Do You Own a "Little Black Dress"?: no
5. Favorite Article of Clothing?: currently my red polarfleece jumper... mmm... warm...

that's enough for now...

bugger this...

i've got the sh*ts with the new blogger. i realised some stuff i posted last night did not appear so went back and redid it. when i published the post again, it (monday's post) disappeared entirely. this has happened twice. i give up, this is tonight's post. i'm off..

Monday, May 10, 2004

oooh... new blogger...

a little slow but very flash... i'll get today's post sorted and check out the new features later...

a nondescript kind of day. 7 dogs and not much else to report apart from tonight's magnificent bowling effort...

monday madness!

1. If you had a farm, what would you name the following animals: (assume these are show animals and not food.)
Pig : Babe
Cow : Moo
Goose : Mother
Chicken : Little
Horse : GG

2. What are the top ten spices you use in cooking and what is cooked with them as the main spice (ie. Oregano: Spaghetti)
freshly ground black pepper : everything
mixed herbs : spaghetti bolognaise
sea salt : tomatoes, eggs
cardamom : stewed plums
vanilla bean : quinces
cinnamon : french toast
cumin : lemon lentil soup
paprika : beef stroganoff
chili : tomato/rocket pasta
garlic : anything that isn't sweet

3. Name your favorite flower and describe yourself using the letters.

let's go bowling!
woo hoo!! i can bowl!! 160,135,144 - 3 games well over average (which has dropped back to 117 after last weeks lame effort). we are still top of the league and with this week's 10 points, we'll still be there next week - go team!!

soundtrack for the last two days:
goodbye yellowbrick road : elton john
yoshimi battles the pink robots : the flaming lips
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell
the collection - the style council

Sunday, May 09, 2004


i'm possibly going to meet kim, of kimchat, later this afternoon. he is in the city for work and we will try to meet up for coffee when he finishes. nervous as anything, but looking forward to meeting him after two months of online/phone conversations...

update @ 9:54pm: the universe threw up some circumstances beyond our control, so no coffee today. currently chatting and organising another date/time to meet. disappointed but relieved. always strange meeting a virtual friend in real time.

apart from that, today i finished the housework and have not done much else. it is cold and raining. i'm thinking of getting the heater out of it's little hideyhole in the fireplace. that is the bricked up fireplace that does not allow a real fire to be lit... i'd like a real fire but knowing me, i'd burn the place down...

  1. Vagina:: monologues
  2. Racism:: wrong
  3. Mother's Day:: today
  4. Fire alarm:: firemen. mmm, firemen...
  5. Elvis:: costello
  6. Pregnant:: pause
  7. Vacation:: yes, please
  8. Waffles:: yum
  9. Perpendicular:: right angle
  10. Hospital:: ambulance

Saturday, May 08, 2004

simple saturday

after a very lazy morning spent blogcruising, timchatting and kimchatting, i finally got off my butt and cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the bathroom, cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen again. have now been engaged in kimchat for the past 6 hours...

i like lazy saturdays. i will do the washing and vacuuming tomorrow.

soundtrack of the last few days:
greatest hits - 1970-2002 : elton john
goodbye yellowbrick road : elton john
echoes - the best of : pink floyd
short note : matt finish
yoshimi battles the pink robots : the flaming lips (lent to me by miss e)
glory road : richard clapton
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell
radio songs 1970-1974 : various - it has some great tracks like i've got to have you/carly simon, your move/yes, open your heart/g wayne thomas & long train running/doobie brothers.

how well do you know me?

i found this at shirls.

Take my Quiz on!

i might as well do as others are doing and be generous with an offer of a prize of some 'sydney' stuff to the high scorers. it won't be much but something is better than nothing! (don't forget to read the small print: this contest is open to all readers of this blog. this contest has not been approved under any gaming or lotteries act. valid snail mail address must be provided for despatch of prize/s. offer valid for one week from date of posting or for however long i'm in a generous mood, whichever comes first...)

friday forever...

this week has been the slowest week on record, ever... the last 15 minutes at work yesterday felt like an hour. i spent the whole minute known as '5:29' with my finger hovering over the logout button on my phone, praying that the gremlin in my headset would not shout 'beep' to herald the arrival of another call.

it wasn't all bad. i went down to virgin records at lunchtime to pick up a cd i had ordered and found 'four weddings & a funeral' on dvd for only $4.99!! yippee!! of course i had to buy it!!

after work, i went to visit shell & kt at their house. we listened to some funky music and had a few drinks. i arrived home about 10pm, very tired and just a wee bit tipsy. i tried to blog but gave up and decided to have an early night instead.

i have a heap of housework to do today, but as usual i am putting it off in favour of a nice saturday morning blogcruise...

i suppose i should go now. the quicker it's done, the more time i'll have for fun.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours...

i hate being woken up before i have to be awake.
i hate being woken up by a drunk neighbour who thinks it is ok to press my intercom buzzer at 2.50am to tell me to let him into the building.
you do not want to know what my response was.
it involved a finely crafted string of a certain four letter word at high volume.
he did this three times before he realised i was not going to let him in. he does it too often, but not so late (early?).
he yelled from the street up to his housemates to try to get them to let him in.
miss e, who lives across the road, was woken by this lunatics yelling.
she is pi**ed off, too.
somebody did let the idiot in and the pathetic boy then spent 30 minutes whimpering at his own front door until his housemates let him in.
they have been given notice to leave the flat and their departure cannot happen soon enough.
this morning, miss e met me downstairs before catching the bus to work.
she pressed their intercom buzzer at 7.50am, just for fun. so did i. it made us feel better.
it better not happen again tonight.

anyway, at least this thursday has something to be blogged about.

things to be thankful for this week:
good friends - miss e, mrs jane
good music - matt finish, glen campbell
communication channel with my mother reopened
hugs from kimi
peaceful chat with mlb in london
able to help a friend in need

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

me, me, meme...

Wednesday Whatevers

1. What is the biggest problem in today's society? lack of manners, no respect for others.
2. How does algebra relate to daily life? it doesn't...
3. What do you use the computer for most? chatting to friends, blogging, email.

Lulu’s Lines

TRIGGER::::: I could manage..... my finances better if i earned more money... (and if i didn't spend so much...)


1. Ketchup or Mustard?:
2. Chocolate or Vanilla?:
3. Blue Eyes or Brown?:
4. Cotton or Satin?:
5. Winter or Summer?:

mo, mo more later...

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

fighting fishy...

my little fish rallied a bit today. he ate some food and his colour has improved. i hope he will be ok - i don't want to be a bad fishmother!

a moment of timchat this morning. only 4 dogs and no indication of when i can move to my new job. life goes on...

TV Tuesday!!

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world…
In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday (what- you forgot? Shame on you! Get thee to a Hallmark Store!) This week’s questions will be about that beloved group of ladies we all know and love - TV mums.

1. Who is/was your favorite TV mum? maggie beare
2. Was she a realistic mother, or more of a TV fantasy type? very realistic. she sometimes reminded of my much loved grandmother.
3. Which TV mum did you find the most unrealistic? Or if you’d rather: creepy – sappy – mean – you choose the adjective, and you name the mum. carol brady - waaaay too perfect.

~Bonus~ No disrespect to your dear old mum, but which TV mum did you think it might be neat to have as your own? marge simpson

Thanks for playing! Happy Mother’s Day, and always remember the loving words of TV mum Roseanne Conner: "If those kids are alive by the time he comes home at the end of the day, then hey, I’ve done my job!"

Monday, May 03, 2004

poor little fishy...

an average day. only 1 dog on the way to work but 5 more on way home. bus trip to work with miss e and bus home with miss shell. bowled for the first time in what seems like weeks. having a spot of late night kim chat right now, which is a nice end to the day. i'm a lucky girl to be surrounded by friends.

some sad news 8( my little siamese fighting fish is not very well. he is faded, not eating and not moving much. i cleaned his tank again today and talked to him but i fear he may not be long for this world. poor little fishy, i don't know what i've done wrong but i hope he is better tomorrow...

monday madness!

1. Do you collect anything? yes, ladybirds
2. How many items do you have in your collection? um, gazillions... too many to count. coffee mugs, socks, keyrings, toys, you name it, i have it...
3. What is the most unusual piece in your collection? apart from my tattoo, um, probably the swarovski crystal one given to me by two workmates for my birthday a few years ago.
and one more for good measure...
4. Is there anything you don't collect that you would like to collect? um, $100 notes...

let's go bowling!
what a shocker... 100,82,129... at least we got 8 points from 10 and will remain on top of the league - woohoo, go team!!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

soapy sunday

another fairly quiet day. did 3 loads of washing and went for a 21 dog walk down to coogee with miss e. we had coffee and a muffin at the globe cafe after walking twice along the beachfront. my pedometer has been through a drying out program and is now back in action again - yippee!! going over to miss e's for dinner later - the new series of big brother starts tonight - double yippeeee!!

  1. Sexy:: beast
  2. Clique:: group
  3. Pledge:: polish
  4. Carbs:: atkins
  5. Dream Job:: cafe/bookstore owner
  6. Sweeps:: chimney...
  7. Soundtrack:: ...of our lives
  8. Hero:: super...
  9. Shave:: burma...
  10. Christina:: noble - mama tina

Saturday, May 01, 2004

special double edition...

home too late and way too tired to blog last night.

the day started well with a 12 dog bus trip to the city. a very quiet day at work. again, most of the day off the phones, entering numbers in a spreadsheet to determine how efficient the call centre is. exciting stuff!

trotted off to harold park after work with about 10 of my workmates and some of their partners/friends. as usual, i could not pick a winner so i did not have a bet in every race. it was a fun night out despite a brawl in the street outside afterwards - several police cars and an ambulance turned up. too many youngsters who cannot hold their drink - that will always turn ugly.

i have had a very lazy day today. slept until 9.30am and after a visit to the supermarket and a small spot of housework, i had a nice 4hr nap on the couch. a very, very lazy day. now watching '4 weddings and a funeral' on the tele while engaging in kimchat. a nice end to the day.