Friday, October 31, 2003

10/30 friday

after another non event day at work, the night out to harold park was excellent.

crazy bus driver shot off up george street like a maniac. had arranged to meet adam on the bus assuming it would stop at railway square, but because another 433 managed to overtake us just before central, she sailed straight past... then turning out of glebe point road she managed to collide with a car that tried to turn in front of us... despite having the discman volume up loud enough to drown out the world, i could hear their argument...

the last friday of the month is 10/30 night at harold park - you pay $10 to get in and they give you $30 worth of vouchers to spend on food/booze. a cheap night if you don't gamble too much. we had a decent enough meal in the bistro and a couple of beers/ciders and ended the night with hot dogs & ice cream.

i had a few small wins but ended up $18 down 8-( adam came out even after picking two trifectas that returned $50 in total and mrs jane was $4 up at the end of the night. it was blowing a gale and quite cold but great fun.

tired and going to have an early night. miss e is coming over for dinner tomorrow night so need to finish the spring cleaning and want an early start.

today's cd: greatest hits - duran duran - really need to get more variety in my ears...

today's word is haver and the number is 43


Thursday, October 30, 2003


...this year is disappearing way too fast - i'm sure it was still april only yesterday...

again, not a very exciting day. flexed the debit card and bought 2 cds for $35 from fish records - goodbye yellow brick road and elton john greatest hits 1970-2002.

got bus home with miss e and had a good giggle. i love people who can make me laugh out loud in public places and make a goose of myself.

organised a trip to harold park tomorrow night with mrs jane & adam. should be fun.

changed my voicemail message because i'm sick to death of people calling my number and not leaving a damned message. if you don't want to leave a message, don't bother calling. *10# and messagebank mostly tell me who has called but i don't recognise the numbers. the number of unknown callers in the last 2 weeks is weird.

finally spoke to my mother after 6 weeks of no contact. i think i know where i get my stubborn streak from.

today's cds:
duran duran greatest hits
elton john greatest hits 1970-2002

word of the day is not suitable for posting and the number is unlisted.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

a day less ordinary...

a very dull day. nowt exciting to report. worked from 11:15 until 20:00. had vietnamese pho ga (chicken and rice noodle soup) for dinner and have surfed the net for a while.

i think i'll leave it at that for now.

bye bye

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

ta ta tuesday

...fluffy and lizzy have gone to brissy... will miss them, but now have a good excuse to go to brisbane sometime... hope to see them at christmas - have to get my police cd back...

another crazy day - as predicted, today was worse than yesterday, but had the pleasure being able to say 'sorry bucko, you've left it too late, can't help you...' or words to that effect, in my best customer service consultant voice. sometimes it's nice to be unhelpful...

g&p dropped by with some photos of baby g for me. baby was at home with the grandparents so did not get to see her beauty, but i have the photos now and can see her anytime!

today's number is 103 and the word is invisible...

Monday, October 27, 2003

manic monday

bloody hell, some people are stupid. if you know there is a deadline for a payment to be made, do you faff about and do nothing until the day before it is due and then try to get special treatment to make sure your payment is received in time? it would appear that that's what most of the country does... non stop calls today - 2 people off sick, 20+ calls constantly in the hold queue - call centre hell. welcome to my world. oh well, tomorrow will probably be worse and there's not much we can do to help you if you try it on tomorrow... good luck.

bowled relatively well tonight - 121, 127, 134 - all over average. we managed 8 points and have sidled back into 3rd place!

no cds today - my ears are still sore and my sinuses have gone stupid. didn't have the energy to play anything.

no word, no number, no links, no can do.

good night.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

i don't need daylight saving...

...i've still got some left over from last year.

woke up at 04:00 and realised it was actually 05:00 due to the start of daylight saving. i reset the clock (gotta love the old sony cube - one button to press and it puts it forward for you!) but at 05:15 i'm still awake and it felt like an hour had passed, so i got up and did some of that good old aimless web browsing. had a nap on the couch from 07:30 till about 10:30 when kl called. long time since we've caught up, so we gossiped for about an hour.

most of the spring cleaning is finished. the bathroom still needs to be done but i've done enough for one day. it's taking longer than i thought but it looks bloody fabulous. even the budgie is impressed. have to admit that the junk room is still that and now in a worse state. at least the main part is done, i can attack the junk slowly.

still have to do the washing, but with the extra sunshine, that wont be a problem.

today's cds: (craving old stuff again. tried to play hunters and collectors but could not get into it)
captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy - elton john
the elton john collection - elton john
merry christmas mr lawrence - soundtrack (ryuichi sakamoto)
listen without prejudice (vol 1) - george michael

might get back on later and write some more, but then again, i might not.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

spring clean saturday

despite the snotty nose and sore throat, today was the day that i started the spring cleaning. i know i said i was going to do it ages ago, but i didn't. i have made a good start today. the antique dust collection is gone... the cd collection has been sorted into those that i listen to (in the cd cabinet on my desk) and those that i don't (hidden on the bottom shelf of the bookcase.) the kitchen is 90% done - just need to mop the floor and give the stove a good clean. that will be done tomorrow along with the bathroom... i feel much happier having made some progress. i might even be able to allow my friends to visit me... miss e did pop in briefly to inspect my hard work and was suitably impressed - she even brought me a little gift... thank you!

today's cd playlist took me back to my teenage years - i'm a seventies girl at heart...
remastered - the very best of steely dan - then and now
in search of the lost chord - the moody blues
crisis? what crisis? - supertramp
can't buy a thrill - steely dan
chicago's greatist hits
california dreaming - the mamas and the papas - so divine i'm playing it again right now...
echoes - the best of pink floyd (disc two)
greatest hits - fleetwood mac
and just to give it a bit of nineties flavour
laid - james

under renovation

i've done some tweaking to move the blog slut stuff to another page. i just like playing around with this. it's nice to see it all work so easily. i think my blog is my new obession...

Friday, October 24, 2003

freaky friday

not in any mood to tell much about today. feel the need to be cryptic.

the work day kinda balanced out with approximately half of my customers yelling and bleating like idiots and the other half telling me i was a star.

coming down with a cold or something. sinuses are stuffed, throat sore, ears itchy... chomping on blackmores echinacea/citrus lozenges and popping codral cold tablets.

3 strongbows and 2 large glasses of mandarin napoleon have taken their toll...

finally caught up with suzik tonight and got that special hug that i've missed for soooo long.

spent time with my lucky charm who is a total treasure.

weird non-letter from my mother.

having an early night to try and sort this blue funk out.

good night.

let's hope tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

nothing ever happens

another dull day. mmm... must get some excitement in my life... worked 2.5 hours overtime again - i'm only in it for the money...

today's cds: the rest of 'rush of blood to the head' and 'get ready' which i grooved out to while working late tonight. it's so nice to take the headset off and put the headphones in - i can bury myself behind the wall of sound.

today's word is penguin and the number is 8.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

ooh, ooh, ooh...

...just found heaven and had to post it here... dogs in cars always get bonus points because they nearly always appear to be happy to be there...

weird wednesday...

this is going to sound dumb, but i think the man who writes the astrology stuff in the daily telegraph is stalking me. while i do believe that a person's star sign can indicate the type of person that they are, i think that most astrological forecasts are rather silly - a short paragraph cannot possibly describe what might happen for a billion or more different people in a billion or more different locations in a single day BUT it certainly is ringing true for one single person in one location... this guys stuff for crabby old cancer for the last few weeks has made me feel that he is watching my every move and hearing every word i say... mmm... maybe i'm just being silly... anyway, i'll have another look tomorrow and see what he has to say...

happy birthday to david in dublin - 27 - what a young pup!

spoke to my dear friend cg today. long time, no speak. she can hear the change in me and is pleased. we've planned to catch up at the 'ex nzi' christmas lunch on november 21 - looking forward to that.

email from suzik - meeting for drinks on friday - yippeeeeee - will get a famous skb hug that will warm my heart for weeks to come!

today's cd : rush of blood to the head - coldplay

no word or number today as nothing has jumped up and said 'me, me, me, pick me'...

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

boundaries, not barriers

my life is changing in many ways and i now realise that this is a good thing.

today was fairly ordinary. nothing terribly exciting to report.

had an email from a dear friend and ex-workmate who also sent a picture of his three year old daughter - she is so absolutely beautiful but beauty is in her gene pool.

miss em sent a picture of her brand new little boy, blake - he is totally gorgeous as well. lucky me, i am surrounded by all these fabulous children to love and cherish.

still listening to diorama today.

watching: the deltas. oops, sorry, the arias. what a pile of crap. sympathy in small doses is fine, i think this is going a bit far. (understand that this is my opinion and if you read this comment and don't like it, TOUGH!)

today's word is metamorphosis and the number is correct to only 5 decimal places...

Monday, October 20, 2003

mindless monday

i think my braincell has bought into a timeshare option, forgot to tell me and has spent today in someone elses head... i have been very vague today. went to work without my watch, my rings, my charm bracelet... forgot to drink my morning cup of tea... any wonder i was not functioning - can't survive without the morning cuppa...

had an interesting phone conversation today. i have to stop being so bloody silly and getting things all wrong... the telephone call restored a bit of faith in myself.

bowling tonight was a disaster - we lost all ten points and fell from 3rd to possibly 5th position in the league - bowled 107, 132, 112 - with an average of 118, that's crap! my excuse? well, i haven't bowled for four weeks... sad, but it's the best i can do...

today's cd: diorama - silverchair - could become a new obsession - i don't play it often enough.

today's word is luke and the number is six.

good night.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

sunday cinema

went to see a freeby preview screening of 'intolerable cruelty' with miss e today. indelibly stamped with the coen brothers touch. a bit silly at times, but eminently enjoyable george clooney is soooo gorgeous...

they played a preview of the final lord of the rings movie. i got all teary at the thought of it - lots of shots of legolas and aragorn... even though i've read the books about 10 times and know what's going to happen, i just don't want to wait another two months to see it!!! peter jackson has done such a fan-fu*king-tastically fabulous job of translating the written words onto the screen. i wish mr tolkien had written more books then there'd be more movies to look forward to...

had a good conversation with tim today - another person who is good for my soul. sorry for the blethering...

today's cd list;
greatest hits - duran duran
ray of light - madonna
watching angels mend - alex lloyd

MUST get off the net NOW and go cook some dinner - chicken, nut (that's me) and broccolini stir fry - page 71 November 2003 issue

Saturday, October 18, 2003

baby baby

miss em had her baby boy @ 3.26 this morning. welcome little one.

spent the day with baby g and her mum, who is my 2nd oldest friend - we worked together in our first job out of school. lunch in newtown at the dendy cafe (starspot alert: alex lloyd wandering down king st past the cafe while we were there) then went to the bonds sale at sydenham. baby g has grown sooooo much and she is soooooo gorgeous. big blue eyes and dark hair. everyone stopped to talk to her and comment on her beauty. as predicted, her stunning smile brought me to tears. she is so precious and i feel blessed for having been able to spend the day with her.

damn my old maternal clock, ticking away like mad...

dinner at miss e's - yum. watched eddie izzard 'glorious' that i taped for her ages ago.

i have spent the day with people who are good for my soul and again, i am blessed.

bad tempered bitch

i'm angry with the world right now (and myself) - i said something last night that made a good friend cry. it was not malicious - it was truth. it was probably the way i spilled the words out without thinking. i'm going to stay away from the world at large for a few days and try to capture and contain this demon in me that says the wrong thing sometimes.

i am truly sorry.

(i have been forgiven, thank you. i still feel so mean for being so blunt. must learn to think first, then speak.)

Friday, October 17, 2003

friday farewell

a sad day today. one of the girls at work left today to move south of the border. she has a job in the melbourne office so she is still with us. had farewell drinks at the metropolitan which was much good fun. lots of photos and lots of laughs.

looking forward to seeing baby g and her mum tomorrow. we're going to have a walk around centennial park and just hang out for a few hours - it's been too long since one of her beautiful baby smiles has brought tears to my eyes - at least 6 weeks - she has probably doubled in size - i can't believe she is now 5 months old.

still no word of miss em's baby - he's only 4 days overdue - hurry up baby - i can't wait to meet you at last!

today's word is tired and the number is not relevant.

tried to play fumbling cd today but it kept going weird - hopefully it's only a bit of grime on the disc - was raining on way to work so did not open the cd player to check. heard enough to be happy.

an early night is in order so i couldnae be bothered linking.

i get to sleep in tomorrow - i love saturday mornings.

Thursday, October 16, 2003


not much to report.
a five dog day.
did 2.5hrs overtime.
it's my sister's birthday - the old bag is 44 - ha ha ha! i might be going slowly grey but she's got ALL the wrinkles...
what a bitch i am!!

played karma, fumbling towards ecstasy & get ready - just for something different...

today's word is hobart and el nĂºmero de hoy es cuarenta siete.

buenos noches...

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

two little ducks

woo hoo - a nine dog trip to work this morning. by writing that, i guess i have to tell you why a nine dog trip is a good thing... i love dogs to the point of obsession and want one (or many) quite desperately, but living in a small apartment with little yard space, it is impossible to have one. the more dogs i see on any given day, the happier i am. a ten dog day is a v.good day. a nine dog bus trip is an excellent bus trip. although i think the universe was preparing me for the big dark rain cloud that made the sky so dark that it obscured any dog sightings on the trip home. luckily my bus trip goes via centennial and moore parks - always doggy heaven with lots of lucky dogs out and about playing and jumping with their friends...

the universe also put her two cents worth in earlier today and gave me two links to an old school friend (she came into my mind at some stage of the day and then later on i checked a customer account and the address was the same street as hers...) this is the girl that i have known longest in my life, apart from my family - we became friends in first grade. although we probably only talk once or twice a year, when we do it's like we have never been apart. i took the hint and made sure i called her on my afternoon break. we had a quick chat and have planned to catch up very soon. thanks universe.

went to bingo with mrs jane again tonight. we managed to win a meat tray in the meat raffle. tomorrow they have a monster raffle - what, no monsters???? i wanna win a monster!!!

today's cd was karma - delirium - just another excuse to listen to sarah mclachlan singing 'silence'.

too tired for words and numbers. going to have an early night.

p.s. the bruise is still a major pain in the shin but appears to have stopped growing. i refuse to let it take over my blog. it's big enough and ugly enough to make it's own blog...

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


the bruise is bigger and it hurts again today. jt gave it a gentle massage tonight which helped a lot. might get it xrayed. i doubt that anything is broken - even though it hurts, i'm still upright and walking without trouble...

had a laugh at this today (reading yesterday's "tomorrow's paper" today - work that out...)

cd played today was duran duran greatest hits (again... hand me that obsessions list...) loud in the bus in both directions but less loud while walking down the street to the office... can't take any chances... probably should get my hearing checked as well... 8-)

today's word is invitation and the number is invisible.

Monday, October 13, 2003

diary of a bruise

mmm... the bruise is a bit bigger and darker today... it's also incredibly itchy which i hope is a sign of healing... i've truly never been injured so badly by a fall before. i was much more careful walking down to work this morning. the volume on the cd (same as friday's) was at a less distracting level. having not got an express bus, i also walked straight down bridge street which i could do blindfolded.

did not bowl tonight as my leg is still quite sore. my team managed 6 points without me. i managed to sleep on the couch for about 2 hours after settling down to watch south park on sbs (and missing most of it) - i think that little power nap was the best idea i've had in a long time...

today's number is sixteen and the word is yawn and on that note, i'm off to bed. good night.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

apparently sunday IS the new saturday...

...according to miss e, the younger, trendy set don't care about about early monday starts, they drink just as much on sunday nights as if it were saturday...

taking a cue from these pups, we drank a bottle of champagne to celebrate her new apartment [again 8-) ] and then downed a few more glasses of verdehlo whilst watching the scotland/japan rugby match. with miss e being a true scots (edinburgh) girl with accent intact and me having a scottish surname, it was good to see them win.

hatful of rain - best of del amitri, in the interests of my heritage.
duran duran - greatest hits (earlier today and again now... another addition to the obsessions list perhaps... 80s song lyrics as therapy is a scary concept but it works...)
crime of the century - supertramp - ohmigod - what a blast from the past - my first 'international' concert live at the hordern pavlova in 1976 or 1977... how amazing, after 25+ years, i still know all the words without hesitation...

have discovered that my left shin is bruised ALL down the front. the initial bruise on my knee is a beauty, but the bigger bruise covering most of my shin is scary - i know now why my leg hurt so much when i tumbled on friday morning... (still suspect that it was a case of sustaining personal injury as a way of avoiding my life...)

Saturday, October 11, 2003

sore on saturday

the results of the fall are setting in. i ache from shoulder to shin and have found a bruise near my ribs... my left arm/shoulder is also quite stiff with a small bruise on the elbow... my right ankle is still sore and something hurts near where my appendix used to be... having a quiet day to let the sore parts rest and recover.

note to self: must be more careful and pay attention to what i'm doing (and maybe turn the volume down on the cd player - probably not)...

today's cds:
diva - annie lennox
parachutes - coldplay
substance - new order (disc 1)
greatest hits - duran duran

today's tape (it's a long time since i've played a cassette!!)
the seeds of love - tears for fears (will probably play it several times today - damn, i should never have lent that cd to someone - i never saw it again and i miss it - it's a top 5 all time favourite - thank you to miss e for lending me the tape!)

Friday, October 10, 2003

i'll tumble 4 ya

(this is my second attempt at this post - damned explorer has a bad habit of crashing just when i'm blogging like a demon!)

made it on the 7.14 express this morning - even managed to sit in my 2nd favourite seat. off the bus in the city, i'm walking down bent street, new order (get ready - slow jam - my favourite song on the disc - i can't get enough of this) blasting away in my earphones, loss of concentration and i'm face first in the footpath. that surreal feeling when you know you've tripped and you think you can save yourself, but it's too late, the pavement is coming up to meet you and your arms windmill, trying to stay vertical... ouch - my left knee might not be the same again - nice bruise coming through - it will be prettier tomorrow... the saddest thing about this event? - the song in the title of this post was the first thing that came to my befuddled brain and it stayed there all day...

heartfelt thanks to the two gentlemen who helped me to my feet and and found somewhere for me to sit until the colour returned to my cheeks and then returned with a glass of water. a universe of good things will come your way... i had a little cry (result of shock and the agonising pain in my left leg...) and then hobbled off to work - even managed to make it on time. took some panadeine forte which numbed the pain and my brain so the day was a bit of a write off. perhaps the universe was just giving me something to think about to take my mind off the evening ahead... (which in the end turned out ok - thanks universe - that is all i will say on that subject...)

today's other cds:
a rush of blood to the head - coldplay
songs from the big chair & elemental - in celebration of the return of tears for fears

there is no number today but my knee is feeling numb - the word is spoken.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

one giant leap...

...into the unknown - we'll see what tomorrow brings.

today's cd - get ready - new order - i'd forgotten how much i love it. had to resist the temptation to sing out loud on the bus, while trying hard not to dance in my seat...

today's number was dialled and the word is yes.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

weird wednesday

it's strange how things turn out. a couple of phone calls and you feel like you're going around in circles, or perhaps it's just the universe reminding me that i've left it up to her...

visited miss e tonight and had a few g&t's - yum - even nicer when it's gin & bitter lemon.

doing the quick clean tango last night unearthed the charger and batteries for my cd walkman (woohoo, i haven't been able to use it for ages!) so today i've listened to sarah mclachlan on the bus to and from work and am listening again now. next step: update obsessions list...

today's number is private and the word is patience.


...people are funny. you think one thing, they do another... a fresh start might just turn out better...

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

totally tuesday

early starts all week, which means i should go to bed early but i know i wont...

my regular tuesday night appointment was cancelled so i had a free night. the universe has swung into action by the fact that there is a man coming to my flat tomorrow to measure the windows - yah! the council has approved the upgrade of all the windows in the building (heritage listed art deco style - very funky) - which means i have to neaten the place up a bit - i can't have total strangers seeing how bad my housekeeping skills are!! luckily, i'm very good at hiding things in cupboards and wardrobes so a quick push and shove and it will look very neat 8-)

todays word is salamander and the number is a secret...

Monday, October 06, 2003

today has been cancelled due to lack of interest...

very dull day - overcast and raining. the only thing completed was the washing and then my clothes dryer decided that it's life was over. i wonder if the insurance covers household items that are +20 years old and die a natural death...

according to Robert Burns,

"The best laid schemes o' mice and men
Gang aft a-gley,
And leave us naught but grief and pain
For promised joy."
-- "To a Mouse"

well, he was one clever man.

need inspiration for dinner?

guess the cd? - if you answer sarah mclachlan - fumbling towards ecstasy - you get a prize...

today's number is real and the word has four letters...

i give up...

...simple fact. i am going to let the universe take it's course. i've tried taking the initiative to change the things in my life that aren't working, but it makes little or no difference. i will leave it up to the universe to provide - i believe now that 'she' knows better and will put my trust there.

blog slut

if i see it somewhere else, i've gotta have it on mine 8-)

This is my new blogchalk:
Australia, New South Wales, Sydney, Randwick, English, Susan, Female, 41-45, bowling, aimless web surfing. :)

Sunday, October 05, 2003

sunday is the new saturday

i love long weekends. i can pretend that today is saturday.

miss e and i packed a cut lunch and our passports and went to visit miss em. we managed to catch the wrong bus, but got there eventually. em is looking fabulous and baby is getting into position for his journey to the world. it brought tears to my eyes watching her bump jump as he hiccuped away inside his amniotic cave.

watching 'notting hill' on the tv.

today's cd - sarah mclachlan - fumbling towards ecstacy - played loud while i was in the shower - in future, just assume that this cd has been played on any given day.

i have just spilt a glass of mandarin napoleon all over my desk so i'm going to go now and clean it up...

therefore there are no more links, no words, no numbers.

don't you just hate it when... feel you may have upset someone and think that they are not talking to you but are too scared of looking like a goose to say anything to them about it, just in case there is nowt wrong but a bad case of missed/crossed communications or just plain nothing wrong??? i'm feeling that right now and i suspect that the person i'm talking about lurks around this blog, so if you read this and think/know that i'm talking about you, please let me know if i have done the wrong thing or if i'm just being a goose. thank you...

Saturday, October 04, 2003

sleep in saturday

how i love sleeping in on saturdays!

spent the day with miss e helping her finish cleaning her old apartment and then rearranging her new one. pity i don't have the energy to do the same with my own!! we then vegged out on the couch and watched '10 things i hate about you' on the tv.

today's cd was duran duran greatest hits played reallllly loud.

no links, could not be bothered...

Friday, October 03, 2003

further fabulous friends friday

having seen or had contact with sooooo many friends this week, i realised just how blessed i am to have such wonderful people in my life - i guess that makes me kinda wonderful too 8-)

tonight i had dinner in the city with fluffy & lizzy. they are moving to brissy in a few weeks and i will miss going to their house, drinking waaaay tooooo much and dancing like a lunatic to the police in their living room.

today's number is 2 and the word is crab...

Thursday, October 02, 2003

a positive mental attitude

thank you suze, your message this morning turned my whole day around. you are a truly wonderful woman and i only hope that everyone i know (and even everyone i've never met) has a friend as special as you! looking forward to your return so we can catch up with giggles and gossip and one of your special hugs...

speaking of special friends:

i went to visit miss e at her new abode tonight. i'm so happy i want to dance and skip and hop and jump!
i also spoke to miss em again today. will visit her on the weekend and very soon there will be baby to play with!
g, p & g will be coming home this weekend, so another baby to adore. i have missed them these last few weeks.

ohmigod, i am sooooooooo lucky to have so many fabulous friends!!

todays number is 113000 and the word is beautiful

surprise, surprise - playing sarah mclachlan - can you guess which one??? (both solace & fumbling...)

i love my friends

i've just had an sms from my friend suzi who is currently holidaying in croatia with her mother, visiting family. she just had to tell me that the was thinking of me. this wonderful woman has perfect timing and always manages to contact me when i most need her gentle beautiful friendship. love you suze!!

i'm now sending out universes of love to all my fabulous friends who keep me sane!!! i love youse all...

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

early shift wednesday

feeling much better today, but still not ingesting anything too exciting...

as the weather pixie will tell you, it's raining tonight. the weather is absolutely much more springlike again.

yeah! for the first time in a long time, i did not have to work till 8pm on a wednesday night. went to bingo with mrs jane who brought along her wedding and honeymoon photos. pretty.

late shift tomorrow instead so i get to sleep in - yahoooooooooooooo!!!

tomorrow also heralds the arrival of my new neighbour - it's going to be soooo much fun.

need to get happy.

no cds, numbers or words today as my mind is on other things.

good night