Monday, January 31, 2005


a ten dog day - 100% of the recommended daily requirement!!

sushi rolls for lunch and sushi for dinner. harryo and i had dinner at the 50minute date place - i felt much more comfortable eating there with a good friend and not a boring doctor...

monday madness!
otto says 'The following questions are compliments of Elena...... Thanks, Elena!! =) Hope everyone will have a wonderful week!'

1. Are you more likely to rent or buy DVD's (VHS's)? Why? dvd's - you don't have to rewind...
2. If you rent DVD's, do you bother viewing the 'Behind the Scenes' or watching the entire movie again with commentary on? behind the scenes - sometimes. commentary - never.
3. Do you think these features warrant the extra cost for DVD? (Afterall, we were able to buy new release VHS for $9.99 prior to DVD). yes, here in oz, there were no $9.99 new release VHS...
4. What's your favorite DVD (or VHS) in:
*Drama naked
*Comedy crackerjack
*Action fight club
*Suspense/Thriller silence of the lambs
*Horror aliens

let's go bowling!
well, tonight was the first night of the new season and i didn't bowl... why? my team has disappeared. shell can't afford it, harryo has uni on mondays now, the wife of one of the other players (who was going to join us) has to work too late on mondays... i just could not see the point of bowling tonight... my new neighbour has expressed an interest. we're going walking tomorrow night so i'll see if she is serious and we may be able to join a team that needs more players...

music to my ears
no cities left : the dears (i found this at sanity for $19.95 and it came with a free 2nd live cd that only came with the aussie release - i had a $20 sanity voucher so with postage, it cost me $2.75 - bargain!!)
abc 702

Sunday, January 30, 2005


very much a day for the slugbutt. i have done nowt but surf the net, drink water, chat online with lots of people and sleep. nothing else. can you spell lazy?

  1. Coroner:: glebe
  2. Mystify:: inxs
  3. Corroborate:: confirm
  4. Misinterpret:: misunderstand
  5. Humorless:: dour
  6. Calculus:: eek! eek! eek!
  7. Eye for an eye:: makes the whole world blind - m.k. gandhi
  8. CPR:: doll
  9. Stitched:: up
  10. Facility:: amenity
music to my ears

btw: i have 4 gmail invites - is there is anyone on the planet who doesn't have one? if there is, send me an email and you've got one!


wooo!! what a day! i got up pretty early as i wanted to colour my hair - it is supposed to be dark brown but is decidedly goth black - luckily it will fade... miss e and i got to the cricket ground at about 12:45pm and it was still fairly quiet so we got through the gates pretty quickly. we had a look around, bought a t-shirt and then found our seats. some people sat in seats that belonged to our crowd which made us realise we were the ones in the wrong seats - we had row K but were sitting in row KK - doh!! we were in an uncovered area so it was really, really hot and i seriously thought i would melt. even with hat, sunglasses & liberal slatherings of 30+ sunscreen, my arms, chest and face got a little bit sunburnt - just enough that i'll not be usual ghostly self - it will help offset the goth look of my hair. after about 2hrs of sweating and burning, we noticed that there was a stadium that was only half used as it was directly to the left of the stage so the only way to see the show was via the screens. the view of the stage from our spot was pretty poor anyway so we took a chance and decamped to the unused stadium. it was sooooo much nicer up there and eventually a lot of other people had the same idea. when the sun went down, we moved back to our original seats. the music was good - the finn brothers played a bunch of crowded house favourites, daniel johns from silverchair is looking mighty buff & midnight oil are still fabulous. peter garrett has not lost those funky dance moves - i felt 16 again and went back in my mind to the days of the old stagedoor tavern, where i first saw them play. the crowd was in a happy mood and there was some fun with the camera that panned the crowd - some brave girls did the rock concert thing and bared their breasts and some brave boys bared everything. further entertainment came from watching people taking a running jump over the barrier into the area in front of the stage - they'd make the leap and run off into the crowd - the security guys would chase the first jumper and then his/her mates would jump the fence while the coast was clear. there was a fantastic fireworks display to end the night and a total of $1.6 million was raised for the tsunami relief appeal. to think that i considered not going because i hate crowds - glad i did!!

music to my ears
the waifs, missy higgins, nick cave, kasey chambers, pete murray, the finn brothers, the wrights, john butler trio, silverchair, powderfinger, midnight oil
abc 702

a bit of fun from shirl...

I am 32% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

Saturday, January 29, 2005


...more visitors and the counter will tick over to 10,000... according to my stats, that should happen sometime in the next 72 hours... will it be you???

i'm off to bake in the sun at waveaid now. see you tomorrow!!

Friday, January 28, 2005

work flow

a 12 dog day and not much else to report. a crazy day at work - i was so busy, i felt like i wasn't achieving much because i was trying to do 15 things at once. as it turned out, i did 9 hours worth of work in 8 hours.

i'm off to waveaid tomorrow, so i might be a bit too tired to post tomorrow night... i'm really looking forward to seeing midnight oil!! yippee!!!

i'm also supposed to be having an early night but i'm too busy chatting onlne with some of my favourite boys men and some new ones... i am so encouragable incorrigible...

music to my ears
the runaway found : the veils
abc 702

Thursday, January 27, 2005

i knew it!!

i kept thinking that today was monday... and tomorrow is friday!! gotta love a short week.

tonight i actually found a bit of a life and made some phone calls and spoke to people in real time, using my voice instead of fingers on a keyboard. i'm in shock...

nowt else exciting to report...

music to my ears
my favourite 70's stuff : various
abc 702

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

la poem

A little poetry game for bloggers: Copy this list of first lines. Replace the ones you are not familiar with the first line of a poem that you are familiar with and bold your changes. And of course link to the post where you first saw the list.

1. Men seldom make passes
2. I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree
3. Lilacs blossom just as sweet
4. I know I have been happiest at your side;
5. Razors pain you;
6. In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree
7. How do I love thee, let me count the ways
8. Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
9. if it doesn't come bursting out of you
10. 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves

humpday holiday!!

i just know that i'll think tomorrow is monday but at least it will be followed straight up by friday. the joy of a humpday holiday.

after doing all of last weekend's chores, i wandered off to beastgardens to see 'closer'. it made me cry but i enjoyed it a lot. a very, very interesting film with many bonus points:
the divine natalie portman
two very sexy lead men in the shape of jude law and clive owen
julia roberts (who i quite like except for her weird lips)
it's set in one of my favourite cities - london
damien rice at the beginning and end

music to my ears
o : damien rice
jjj - hottest 100

shamlessly shoplifted from shirl:

I am the Siren

A man is often secretly oppressed by the role he has to play - by always having to be responsible, in control, and rational. The Siren is the ultimate male fantasy figure because she offers a total release form the limitations of his life. In her presence, which is always heightened and sexually charged, the male feels transported to a realm of pure pleasure. In a world where women are often too timid to project such an image, learn to take control of the male libido by embodying his fantasy.

Symbol: Water. The song of the Siren is liquid and enticing, and the Siren herself is fluid and ungraspable. Like the sea, the Siren lures you with the promise of infinite adventure and pleasure. Forgetting past and future, men follow her far out to sea, where they drown.

What Type of Seducer are You?
created by polite_society

and daringly dislodged from deq:

What Flavour Are You? I am sweet, like Sugar.I am sweet, like Sugar.

I am all sweetness and light; fluffy bunnies and dancing fairies; happiness and joy. Too much of me will make you sick. What Flavour Are You?
tee hee hee

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

short week...

woke up with vile headache this morning so i took some panadol and went back to bed. i woke again at 8.30ish so i dragged my butt into work at about 10.00 and got there just before a huge storm blew in.

tomorrow is australia day so it's a public holiday and i don't have to drag my butt anywhere if i choose not to - yippeeeee!!

music to my ears
abc 702

Monday, January 24, 2005

monday, monday

we had our bowling presentation dinner tonight. my team got the 'high series handicap' prize - $20 cold hard cash each. i've got 4 trophies already, so i'm happy to take the money! miss shell gave me a surprise - my missing 'california dreaming : the mamas and the papas' cd. i went to play it recently and could not find it. guess what i'm playing now?

monday madness!
otto says ' I'm running out of ideas for questions, so this week I thought we'd do a sort of word association with colors.'

What do you think of when you see the following colors? (You may write as many words as you like.)
1. white: snow, vanilla ice cream, nail polish, satin, ghost
2. yellow: egg yolk, daffodils, jaundice, cheese
3. blue: sky, depression, bluebottles
4. black: depression, night, labrador, goth
5. green: peas, ocean, grass
6. red: warm, blush, blood, shoes
7. purple: favourite, jeans, bruise, aubergine
8. pink: raspberry, fairy floss, musk lollies
9. brown: chocolate, bear, chocolate, coffee, more chocolate
10. grey: clouds, elephant, ash

music to my ears
california dreaming : the mamas and the papas
abc 702

Sunday, January 23, 2005

over, under,

sideways, crap... this movie was hyped as a surefire winner for the golden globes and there was talk of oscars... i doubt it. don't bother... at least we didn't have to pay as it was courtesy of this month's filmink freebie...

miss e and i went to bondi junction to waste 127 minute of our lives on this film. the film was bad enough but greater union has no idea how to operate a movie theatre. we had to line up for about 15 minutes to get the tickets, our seats were allocated so we had no choice on where we sat, we had to fight through another line, which turned out to be for popcorn purchases, just to get to the movie. afterwards, we did a spot of shopping and it would appear that the whole world had their grump on - bad tempered shop assistants, grumpy shoppers. we escaped back to the sanity of randwick and had some coffee at baristas. bondi junction used to be a nice place to go shopping, now it is overpriced and full of designer clothes shops and the wankers who wear them...
apart from all that, i had a good sunday

  1. Material world:: fabric
  2. Satin sheets:: seduction
  3. Blizzard:: snow
  4. Real estate:: false prices
  5. Dress up:: frock up
  6. Wesley:: mission
  7. Robber:: ...barons
  8. Saliva:: spit
  9. Slave:: submissive
  10. Shift:: night...
music to my ears
short note : matt finish
q magazine - best of 2004 : various
my favourite 70's stuff (see previous post - this is the future name for this cd)
abc 702

Saturday, January 22, 2005

what's going on!!!

welcome to the new look third daughter... as you can see, i've been a bit busy today... huge thanks and gratefulness to nisi who fixed the code to make the template look how i wanted it!! another truckload of thanks to starbuck who allowed me to snaffle his template and make it my own.

last night was interesting - i had a date. with a doctor. i have to say he was very boring. i don't think i was his type either... i was home within 50 minutes of leaving my house. at least i got a free sushi dinner!! (and it was delicious...)

what's the shortest date you've ever been on??

today i went to centennial park with miss e and her friend m. m's boyfriend, cousin & two of her friends were there too. it was lovely to sit in the fresh air, having a nice barbecue lunch. we walked it off afterwards by walking around the park. it is one of the most beautiful spots in sydney. when miss e and i were walking back to the bus stop, we had to cross a bridge over one of the ponds - there were some amazingly huge fish in the pond as well as some really cute turtles. we've decided we should visit this beautiful park more often.

music to my ears
all of this fabulous old stuff that i've now burnt to a single cd - yippee!! did i tell you that i love my new computer!!
winter in america : doug ashdown
rock & roll (i gave you the best years of my life) : kevin johnson
i'll be around : doug parkinson
one : john farnham
turn up your radio : master's apprentices
eleanor rigby : zoot
gypsy queen : country radio
smiley : ronnie burns
dear prudence : doug parkinson
a little ray of sunshine : axiom
it's because i love you : master's apprentices
the real thing : russell morris
sweet sweet love : russell morris
eloise : barry ryan
baker street : gerry rafferty
angie baby : helen reddy
open your heart : g. wayne thomas
i've got to have you : carly simon
abc 702

Friday, January 21, 2005


i have a new computer... it is very, very nice but the net connection is a bit dodgy at the moment. finally i can access all the new blogger tools, i have firefox, i have a bucketload of disk space, i am tired but i have to play with my new toy. my good mates, harryo and mr, helped me get it all set up and i am blessed to have them as friends.

music to my ears
the very best of : elvis costello
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell
short note : matt finish
kicking the national habit : grand national
abc 702

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

chattering tuesday

walking with my new neighbour, hereafter known as dfb, was put off until tonight. we walked for 40 minutes - we did the big block from our corner and then back around the park. we chattered away like old friends, even though we hardly know each other and the 40 minutes disappeared in no time. i'm going to be out the next three nights, so we've planned to meet up again over the weekend. it's so much easier when you have a companion.

only a two dog day but i'm happy anyway.

music to my ears
final straw : snow patrol
abattoir blues : nick cave & the bad seeds
abc 702

Monday, January 17, 2005

over before i knew it!!

i had a late lunch because i had to chain myself to my desk do call centre backup from 12.30 until 1.30. by the time i got back from lunch, the rest of the afternoon just flew by. not a lot else to report.

monday madness!
otto says 'This week's questions are all about your favorites. Also, please give me another 24 hours to update my 'recent participants' list. I appreciate you all! =)'
Name your favorite...
1. Family Game scrabble
2. Piece of Jewelry my ruby ring. mmm... or maybe my garnet moon/star earrings...
3. Winter Activity wearing my scarf...
4. Hot Beverage coffee and lots of it
5. Quote "People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within." - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
6. Color on You i love red but others alway comment when i wear blue...
7. Summer Activity hanging around in places that have aircon...
8. Topping on Pancakes fresh banana & mango with maple syrup
9. Musician oooh! too hard. there are soooo many to choose from...

music to my ears
short note : matt finish
final straw : snow patrol
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell
abc 702

Sunday, January 16, 2005

are you the youngest sibling in your family?

the title question comes from a discussion i had with nisi. she had previously had the same discussion with catboy. if i remember correctly, it is true for both of them and it is true for me. it would be interesting to know just how many bloggers are the youngest in their family...

i had a nice sleep in until 10am today. a day of domesticity - 2 loads of washing, cleaned up the weekly trail of crap that gets left around my flat, cleaned the kitchen and made some lime/passionfruit sorbet. the sorbet may or may not be edible - the recipe said to beat the eggwhite until almost stiff; i think i overdid it. it floated like little meringue islands on top of the sugar syrup/lime juice/passionfruit mixture. i broke up the meringue as best i could and chucked it in the ice cream maker. afterwards, i gave it a blast with the handheld blender thingy. it's in the freezer now. even if i end up with large ice block, it will still taste nice...

today i had a chat with the new tenant who recently moved into the small flat downstairs. she is a lovely young woman and it's always nice to stop and have a chat and coo over her very cute baby daughter. she was saying that in an effort to lose weight and get healthy, she is going to start walking in the evenings and i invited myself to join her. we both know it will be so much easier, having the motivation of a companion. i've got my pedometer out of hiding & we're going to start tomorrow night.

  1. Yoda:: swamp
  2. Mensa:: densa
  3. Pink:: champagne
  4. Text message:: sms
  5. Galactic:: pan... ...gargle blaster
  6. Chicks:: chooks
  7. Quesadilla:: cheese
  8. Backpack:: hostels
  9. Socket:: plug
  10. Compromise:: concession
music to my ears
jjj for a little while

Saturday, January 15, 2005

double time

boyohboy, it was very difficult to drag my butt from the nest this morning. did my eight hours overtime - a nice payday coming up soon!! i disappeared under the wall of sound (see the soundtrack below) and bashed my keyboard all day - it was over before i knew it!

too hot to do much else. my flat is like a sauna - top floor with tin roof not that far above the ceiling, so the heat gets trapped in here. at least there is some breeze coming through the kitchen door.

music to my ears
when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol
final straw : snow patrol
get ready : new order
kicking the national habit : grand national
son of evil reindeer : the reindeer section
a song is a city : eskimo joe
dreams : evermore
o : damien rice
hopes & fears : keane
(what's the story) morning glory? : oasis
abc 702

Friday, January 14, 2005

footwear crisis...

i wore my comfy brown sandals to work today - they are (were) 5 years old. at lunchtime i went with miss e and miss meg to paddys markets. when we got back to work, i noticed that the sole of the left sandal had decided to disintegrate; by the end of the day there was very little left and the right one had started to join in the decay... a fine excuse to go to myer and buy some new ones

two pairs for $112!!! seeing as i was at the right end of town, i also placed the order for my new computer today - it will be ready to pick up next thursday - oooh!! i cannot wait!! in the spirit of tying up loose ends, i also went to visit my jeweller friend and picked up my ruby ring that has been in for repair for months - just waiting for me to have the money to pay for it. my left hand has been quite naked without this delicous red stone creation and i'm feeling balanced and better for having it back.

recently it was discovered that my uncle b has lung cancer. he has been a heavy smoker for most of his life, so no surprises there. sorry if i sound uncaring; i do care, it is just a fact and there is nothing much any of us can do except support him any way we can. anyway, my mother decided to place an ad in the daily paper to try and find his wife and daughter, who we have not seen or heard from for a long, long time. it was probably 1987 when i last saw jt, his wife. she is my age and we used to get along really well. her daughter k is now 23. jt contacted mum today and it turns out she is still living only a few suburbs away from me and runs a bookstore/coffee shop - lucky duck!! she told mum that she'd love to catch up with me, so i'm thinking a trip to that bookstore is on the cards this weekend. the past just keeps coming back to me!

i'm working some overtime tomorrow - 8 hrs @ double time - it will pay for a large chunk of that new computer!!

i'm a very lucky girl and i'm sending love and luck through the universe to all of my friends and visitors - just smile and it's yours!

music to my ears
when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol
abc 702

Thursday, January 13, 2005

picture this!

woohoo!!! my surprise parcel was from the loveliest blogger in utah - the cutest puppy dog notepad and two absolutely divine photo frames. thank you!!

sometime last week, my manager asked me to call one of our employer customers who was having trouble using our website. after some attempts to get it sorted, he had sent a letter of complaint to the ceo of the fund (the people who pay us to administer their accounts...) that was not responded to and was threatening to take his business elsewhere. i called up and the gentleman i spoke to was very friendly and even admitted that he was partly at fault. anyway, we talked through the problem and sorted it all out, i reconciled his account so that the payments were where they should be and called him back to confirm that all was well. he has written another letter to the ceo with some rather glowing praise for me - i have been given some points for the reward and recognition scheme and i believe that i will probably hear from the ceo himself...

on january 29th, i'm going to this - should be excellent!

i'm a very lucky girl!

music to my ears
when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol
abc 702

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

hooray, it's hump day

an 11 dog day - only one on the way to work but he got a gazillion bonus points - a lovely old blue cattle dog, sitting in the back seat of a car, smiling as only blue cattle dogs can.

i found my sushi rolls - not where i was told i would find them but not too far away. happy susan!

i got home this afternoon to find a note from the post office - i have a parcel to pick up and i'm not expecting anything. i love surprises and have to be patient until saturday, when i can go down there to pick it up!

music to my ears
abattoir blues : nick cave & the bad seeds
abc 702

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

foong shway

the day started well with a 12 dog bus trip on the way to work and ended as a 16 dog day - 160% of the daily quota - yippee!! i went out at lunchtime in search of some sushi rolls - i've been craving them for weeks and cannot find them in chinatown - is there a japanese enclave in the central end of sydney?? i did find a fabulous little '1-2-3 dollar' shop with heaps of good cheap stuff where i found a nice $2 terracotta pot for my african violet. the boy at the coffee shop where i eventually got my lunch advised me where to go for my sushi rolls - guess what i'm having for lunch tomorrow!

i forgot to tell earlier that on the weekend, my mother gave me some roses from a bush that used to belong to my grandmother and two african violet cuttings. one violet is already in a nice porcelain pot with a budgerigar on it (i have hung the bell from my dear departed boo-boo's cage from it); the other did not have a pot but now it does. i've taken down my christmas tree and in it's place, i now have the violets, the roses in a vase, the little ladybird money box that miss e gave me for christmas and my tall yellow candle. this corner is my feng-shui 'wealth and abundance' corner - i hope it works. now to go work on my 'relationship' corner...

music to my ears
when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol
abattoir blues : nick cave & the bad seeds
abc 702