Saturday, September 13, 2003

saturday night's alright for doing nothing much

hey, it's still saturday!

an action packed day of doing absolutely nowt!! slept till 11am, surfed the net till my eyes ached. cooked some quinces with blood orange syrup - yum. surfed the net some more. had a great conversation with tim in colorado.

thursday's night out to the rock eisteddfod was excellent. my niece nicole's school won the small team section and got to perform at the sydney grand final at the entertainment centre. (Cranebrook High should have won!! Their Chinese Dragon piece was bloody brilliant!!)

friday night was spent watching tele, eating pretzels and drinking wine with miss e to celebrate it being friday... friday's cd was what's the story, morning glory?

todays word is chamorros and the number is 42

today's cd playlist:
substance disc 1 - new order
elemental/songs from the big chair - tears for fears
greatest hits - duran duran
the collection - elton john
karma - delerium
and just one song from the very best of elvis costello - good year for the roses

i've just realised that i started my working life on this day 26 years ago (and what do i have to show for it??)
oh! to be sweet sixteen again...