Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

goody goody...

...i think i've discovered a way to host my own goddess barcode. my new isp gives me 10mb webspace and i've put the barcode up from there. let me know if you can't see it - i can see it in the preview screen. ooh, i'm all excited now that i might be able to post other little pictures and things!!!

a lovely day spent shopping with em and her little man who is now 10 weeks old and weighing in at a healthy 6kgs. he is very cute, even if he did cry when he saw me - poor baby... i bought a new shower curtain - how exciting!

meeting mrs jane for a movie tomorrow - master and commander - go russ!

too late to link, i'm off for my beauty sleep - i need it tonight 8)

Monday, December 29, 2003

i'm losing track of what day it is...

that must mean i'm entrenched in holiday mode!! yeah!! not so lazy witch finally did the housework today... still finding little velours to vacuum off the carpet...

went to see 'love actually' with miss e today. i don't recommend you see this film if you are single and sick of it... too much loveydovey and too many gorgeous men - hugh grant, colin firth AND liam neeson. even billy bob thornton looked damned hot! i could happily spend the rest of my life with any or all of them 8) forced to choose just one, i think colin would win, sorry hugh... mmm... maybe we could work out some sort of timeshare arrangement... if only stuff like that could happen to real people in real life (like me...) guess who's sick of being single???

miss e brought me back a very cute present from her christmas break - a ladybird keyring filled with cherry lipgloss and some beaded bracelets to bring me love and money. she's already provided the happiness with the lucky elephant. i've said it before and i'll say it again, she is a treasure and i wish everybody could have a friend as good as her.

(cheating here by coming back after midnight to add MONDAY madness, not tuesday tardiness...)

1. List three words to describe yourself. susan, single, searching
2. List three words to describe your job. talk, talk, talk
3. List three words to describe your computer. old but works

good night. need my beauty sleep as i'm off early to visit miss em and her little man!

Sunday, December 28, 2003

aahhh, sunday, lazy sunday...

it's official - i am the laziest witch in the world. i have spent most of today on the web, with a short intermission to lie on the couch and watch 'the royal tannenbaums' (during which i did not find anything to laugh at...). i will return there shortly to watch 'the best bits of the late show' - both dvds borrowed from my 22yr old nephew, who it seems is a boy with good taste. not only does he read iain banks books and have 'queens of the stone age' in his cd collection, he also has 'the panics - a house on a street in a town i'm from' - i'm sorry i ever said you were a geekboy, you're actually pretty cool...

had a fun conversation with the head jester in london, chatted with ray in NC, discussed project management with colorado tim and had a very involved deep & meaningful conversation with john in virginia (yes, there is a santa claus...). miss em got a few words in also - will visit her on tuesday to see how much her beautiful little man has grown. also had a quick chat with supreme goddess suzikb (was that you lurking around my wee bloggy, for over an hour, earlier tonight??) - love your guts, girl!

miss e has returned from her christmas trip to the ancestral home - we will meet for a movie tomorrow (after this lazy cow has done the housework) - we'll probably see 'love actually' and save 'lotr:rotk' for an early morning session.

another day to be thankful for those who choose to step inside my circle of friends, new and old.

anyway, enough of the insane rambling, here are some unconscious mutterings:

  1. Seeker:: judith durham
  2. Mirror:: mirror, on the wall
  3. Fire:: men - mmm... firemen...
  4. Goblet:: elliott
  5. Empty:: promises
  6. Secrets:: and lies
  7. Defense:: department of
  8. Hatchet:: job
  9. Vapour:: vicks vaporub
  10. Ministry:: of sound

3 days away has left me confused...

...i forgot to do a proper entry in my wee bloggy about yesterday (not that much happened). i need retraining...

got train home from the 'burbs - a little over an hour so that was a nice quick escape.
opened miss e's christmas gifts - a gorgeous lucky elephant and a book about elton john. she is such a treasure.
had a many hours long conversation with colorado tim and made him blush - sorry 8)
watched lord of the rings : the two towers - now i'm ready for the big event!
was lazy and had pizza delivered for dinner (haven't done that for ages - can live off the leftovers for a few days...)

more later...

Saturday, December 27, 2003

a little untweak...

...back to my favourite shades of violet, although the tree can stay, i'll just make it a jacaranda...

home sweet home...

ahhh... it's over and i'm back in my own little space in this world. the circus was not too bad this year. slept most of christmas day and had family lunch at big sister's house on boxing day. visited jj&j on boxing night. it is a very odd feeling to spend time with family and friends and feel that you just don't fit in. it makes being home again so much better.

was most annoyed with myself on wednesday - took great care to select 25 of my favourite cds and filled my little cd carrier & then left my portable cd player at home... so after 3 days of withdrawals from decent music (my opinion only, i don't expect you to agree with me...) i'm spending the day listening to duran duran, 10cc and all the other crap 80s stuff that i love soooo much 8-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

the circus draws closer...

met up with the lovely cg today. we had a good gossip and giggle session.

had dinner with h.o. and m.r. (who brought back some lovely chocolat from paris for me - nice suprise). k.b. just happened to be in the same place, so of course i had to have a gentle flirt with him. we ended up walking down to chinatown and having an ice cream at passionflower - bloody delicious.

another day when i must be thankful for the fabulous friends that have stood by me through the fun times and more importantly, through all the crap times.

off to the family circus tomorrow, so little blogging will be done between now and saturday.

if you happen to drop in and have a look about, i hope you have/had a merry christmas!

now for some fun: 2nd good thing found here, liked it, borrowed it (again...) the challenge here is to take your favorite band, and describe yourself using titles to their songs. i'll let you work out the band from the answers below (hint: the answer is on this page already...)

Are you a male or a female?
How old are you?
primitive notion
Describe yourself:
How would other people describe you?
someone like you
What is your mood right now?
Describe your main interest:
How do you feel about yourself?
in a lonely place
Describe your childhood:
run wild
Where are you?
Where would you rather be?
bizarre love triangle
Describe how you live:
dreams never end
Describe how you love:
true faith
Describe what you want:
slow jam
What can't you live without?
the perfect kiss
What enrages you?
Describe your career of choice:
way of life
What do you look for in the opposite sex?
How do you see yourself dying?
chosen time
Share a few words of wisdom:
everythings gone green
What do you think of this thing?
every little counts

stupid dodos

i lost access to the world wide whatever last night and after connecting could not do anything or go anywhere 8-( the same thing was happening this morning, so called my alleged service provider and all they wanted was a call back number - would not even answer a simple question. after the grief their accounts department has given me i decided that hasta la vista was the best course of action. baby g's parents were telling me about their isp over breakfast on sunday (it's the same one i was originally with [and happy with] before being seduced by the low cost charms of the other) and i've now returned to the warmth of their embrace - i've even signed up with them for telephone service and i will end up spending less - bonus!!

anyway, enough blethering...

had christmas dinner and a good gossip with mrs jane last night. she gave me the cutest beaded ladybird coin purse for my chrissy gift. she is very good at finding useful ladybird items.

interesting, if somewhat devilish conversation with bertie made a very nice ending to another wasted day.

yesterday's belated word would have to be deforestation and the number is 10

more later.

Monday, December 22, 2003

return of the goddess...

...just as the soul deep happiness has returned, so has the goddess within ...a million thanks to my friend mike, the irrational blogger, who has kindly offered to host my goddess barcode. go look at his site and say hello!!!

i forgot to mention this in last night's post... i was chatting to tim in colorado yesterday, howling along to 10cc which i was playing really loud and suddenly started too smile uncontrollably. the delirious happiness is back and i'm glad. and no, i'm not manic depressive, i just have long moments of bad tempered grump and then the happiness comes back. c'est la vie...

christmas catch ups...

breakfast this morning with baby g and her parents and some other friends at uliveto's in kings cross. really nice hot chocolate.

dinner with miss e tonight. prawns, salad, some wine and a bit more wine. we then went up on the roof and played with some sparklers. watched "bridget jones's diary" while eating mince pies and lusting in unison over hugh and colin *sigh*

received two gifts from miss e but have to be patient and wait until thursday to open them... she said i can eat the shortbread (home made by the real scottish lassie herself...)

today's cd playlist - all played very loud, just because i can...
trax australian made vol I & II - just the good stuff - dear prudence, a little ray of sunshine, sweet sweet love, the real thing, because i love you, eleanor rigby, one
black the sun - alex lloyd
iris (cd single) - goo goo dolls
a rush of blood to the head - coldplay
greatest hits - duran duran - because i just cannot help myself
the very best of 10cc - what a blast from the past. needed to hear something different and found this lurking in the cd rack. heaven...

good night...

i can sleep in tomorrow 8-) - double heaven...

Sunday, December 21, 2003

she's talking to herself again...

this week's unconscious mutterings...

  1. Exchange:: stock
  2. Parental Advisory:: explicit lyrics
  3. Blowout:: tyre
  4. Spider:: shiver
  5. Happy:: right now - the delirious is back 8-)
  6. Intense:: frowning
  7. Corrupt:: politicians
  8. Got:: to have it...
  9. Crude:: oil
  10. Three:: dog night

ha ha ha ha ha...

found this here (via blogsnob)... considering last night's dvd viewing, it is very relevant and will make the next dvd viewing very amusing...

wasted day number one...

totally wasted saturday. it is sunday as i post this... got up early (8.30am), despite my desire to sleep really late. surfed the web till my everything ached. talked to lots of online friends, old & new. spent 4 hours horizontal on the couch watching 'lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring', with time out for a nap in the middle... as usual, i started crying when boromir took the first crossbow bolt and didn't stop until the very end... will watch 'the two towers' sometime in the next few days - all in preparation for the biggest movie event of the year!!!

listening to: robbie williams - the ego has landed & duran duran greatest hits

Saturday, December 20, 2003

a little tweak... show that my middle names are not ebenezer, scrooge or grinch...

merry christmas...

Friday, December 19, 2003


two weeks of not having to do anything unless i really want to do it... bliss...

got up way too early this morning so that i could dye my hair red/black before going to work. decided to continue the colour theme and wear my beautiful jewel red velour cardigan, that i bought in london, to the christmas party. forgot what a mess it makes as all the lovely little velours fall off and leave a trail of red fluff everywhere i go...

christmas party was a shocker. too damned hot, too crowded, too noisy, indifferent food, the bar tab ran out at 7.30pm and worst of all, playing bad jennifer lopez songs does not constitute latin music... miss em's flu was no better 8-( so she didn't join us. just as miss e and i were leaving, it was announced that the call centre had won the christmas decoration competition (yeah!! go team!!) and suddenly the bar tab was reopened but it was not worth staying - was home by 9.30pm...

going off to bed now and intend to sleep as late as possible tomorrow...

word of the day is prudence and the number is relevant...

Thursday, December 18, 2003

young at heart...

a very interesting day. a 22 yr old man (boy?) has contacted me through a dating site that i am registered on... is a 20 year age difference legal? he likes 'older' women and i will admit that i have always had a weakness for men younger than myself... i must say i am flattered but i doubt even i could go that young... oh well, the ego is feeling very shiny...

only one more day at work and then i'm off for two whole wonderful wasted workfree weeks... and the bonus is that tomorrow i will spend the majority of the day in a training course, followed by the company christmas party in the evening!! hopefully miss em will be well enough to be there. will send her flu-be-gone wishes out via the universe...

no cd's today as i have had the pleasure of miss e's company on the bus to and from work today. she is a treasure and i recommend that everybody should have a friend like her.

today's word is fiscal and the number is square.

good night...

Wednesday, December 17, 2003


...i was premature in thinking i might have made the biggest mistake of my life on sunday. it appears that i am the only one who is getting worked up about it. every one else is just pleased for me... oh well, i might as well join them. it was a wonderful moment in my life, and i will still do what needs to be done but will not get myself into a state of total depression/distraction.

feeling much better this week. the gloom of the last few weeks is lifting, the bad angry mood is still popping up occasionally but it is not so dominant. christmas is still a major cloud on my horizon, but i am determined to get through it without too much drama this year.

i must remain grateful and keep reminding myself, that unlike my family, i can choose my friends and i have been very wise in my choice of the most fabulous circle of love and support a girl could ever need or want... luckily, friendship expands to embrace all that step into the circle.

still listening to new order - i can't get enough of this...

thank you and goodnight...

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

nine layers

found this here... liked it, borrowed it

it will do for tonight's post...

-- Name: susan fay
-- Birth date: 24th june, 1961
-- Birthplace: harris park nsw australia
-- Current Location: randwick nsw australia
-- Eye Color: brown
-- Hair Color: currently washed out purple with original dark brown and old woman grey growing back... have a nice loreal 'rich red black' to put through this week...
-- Height: 165cm or thereabouts
-- Righty or Lefty: righty
-- Zodiac Sign: cancer
-- Your heritage: australian with scottish/irish and alleged spanish, west indian
-- The shoes you wore today: red sandals and new flip flops
-- Your weakness: chocolate & men
-- Your fears: everything
-- Your perfect pizza: mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms and a bit of cheese
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: get my life together (getting closer...)
-- Your most overused phrase on AIM: ?? don't use aim... don't even know what aim is...
-- Your first waking thoughts: is it saturday?
-- Your best physical feature: eyes
-- Your most missed memory: what?
-- Pepsi or Coke: vanilla coke
-- McDonald's or Burger King: burger king (hungry jack's here in oz)
-- Single or group dates: single
-- Adidas or Nike: neither (no logos...)
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: yuk, neither. english breakfast tea, freshly brewed
-- Chocolate or vanilla: both
-- Cappuccino or coffee: mocha or macchiato - no instant
-- Smoke: not any more except when i drink too much...
-- Cuss: all the fucking time...
-- Sing: yes, but not very well - i don't let it stop me...
-- Take a shower everyday: every single day and sometimes twice a day
-- Do you think you've been in love: yes
-- Want to go to college: no
-- Liked high school: no
-- Want to get married: no
-- Believe in yourself: most of the time
-- Get motion sickness: no
-- Think you're attractive: bloody gorgeous
-- Think you're a health freak: no
-- Get along with your parent(s): sometimes
-- Like thunderstorms: love them
-- Play an instrument: no
LAYER SIX: In the past month...
-- Drank alcohol: yes
-- Smoked: yes
-- Done a drug: no, unless you count paracetamol and codral cold & flu tablets
-- Made Out: yes
-- Gone on a date: yes
-- Gone to the mall?: yes
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: never eaten an oreo and don't plan to
-- Eaten sushi: yes
-- Been on stage: no
-- Been dumped: no
-- Gone skating: no
-- Made homemade cookies: no
-- Gone skinny dipping: no
-- Dyed your hair: yes
-- Stolen Anything: no
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: yes, strip uno
-- If so, was it mixed company: yes
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
-- Been caught "doing something": yes
-- Been called a tease: no
-- Gotten beaten up: no
-- Shoplifted: yes - aged about 13 - a pair of cheap earrings from a kiosk in bankstown square. was convinced for weeks that i would get caught out. never wore them.
-- Changed who you were to fit in: no
-- Age you hope to be married: next question...
-- Numbers and Names of Children: next question...
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: next question...
-- How do you want to die: naturally, quietly, painlessly
-- Where you want to go to college: i don't
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: um, don't know. will tell you when i grow up
-- What country would you most like to visit: italy/france/uk again. mauritius, spain, south america eventually
-- Number of drugs taken illegally: 4
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: not many
-- Number of CDs that I own: too many
-- Number of piercings: 4 - ears only - twice each
-- Number of tattoos: 1
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: once
-- Number of scars on my body: too many
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: no point regretting

word of the day is clarity

Monday, December 15, 2003


i don't know what else to say... i may have made the biggest mistake of my life tonight. will ponder and question and do what needs to be done. life certainly is a bloody roller coaster...

a genuine 22 dog day - helped along by the 14 adorable pups in the pet shop at beastgardens... i love my own games - i can make up the rules as i go along... managed to get through 3 hours of shopping without losing my temper, despite the imbeciles who believe that stopping dead at the top of the escalators is a good thing... bought some sandals that i don't need, but boyoboy did i want them...

blah blah blah, i'm off to bed...

Sunday, December 14, 2003

i've been speaking in tongues...

i might as well offer up some unconscious mutterings...
  1. Warning:: sign
  2. Aspirations:: desires
  3. Starvation:: hunger
  4. Lid:: put a lid on it...
  5. Sketch:: mud map
  6. Interrogate:: questions
  7. Credit:: maxed
  8. Scotch:: bonnet
  9. Confused:: dazed &
  10. Paris:: heaven


this has cheered me up sooooo much - mmm... about that 2nd tattoo - um, no, i don't think so...

Saturday, December 13, 2003

6 days to go...

...and i will be on holidays and then before i know it, christmas will be over!!! yeah!!! have the 3rd instalment of lord of the rings to look forward to as well...

went to see "l'auberge espagnole" with miss e today. a freeby - courtesy of filmink magazine. not bad, not what i thought it would be but lots of pretty young things to perv upon. missed the hoo-haa of robbie williams at vhq while watching the movie. speaking of robbie, miss e went to see duran duran at the enmore last night. i'm sooooo jealous. if i'd had a lazy $100 that needed spending i would have been there too. played their greatest hits extremely loud today to make up for it...

after the movie, we came home and had kfc for dinner while watching nigella's christmas bites... very odd...

good night

back from wherever...

have not been in any mood to blog lately. not in any mood to do much of anything.

need to work out a way of getting the goddess barcode back on the screen... looks like the previous generous offer of hosting has been revoked... oh, well - that's life. not feeling particularly goddessy so i guess it's appropriate that it's missing right now.

have dragged my grumpy butt out twice this week. thursday night's festivity (call centre team dinner) involved going to a greek restaurant in surry hills and being charged more than was quoted and not being allowed to byo despite the website and the menu on the door of the place saying it was allowed... the staff were rude as well. the lamb was delicious, but i don't recommend that you go there.

last night was the company social club christmas trivia quiz/party. free booze, free food and our team won. what more could a girl ask for?

see ya...

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

descent into hell...

well, what a week. i know it's christmas that is causing it. i know i can't change anything other than my own responses to other people's behaviour. i cannot change them or their behaviour. i have choices that i will exercise if/when necessary. i will get through this, but this year it has to be different. i will not play the game.

blogging as therapy was never the original intention here, there is another blog out there in the ether for that, but just as is it creeping into my real life, it is creeping in here.

anyway, a 15 dog day is always a good sign. interesting conversations and visions coming from all corners of the globe. heading back to what constitutes normal, happy susan. see you soon.

word of the day is webcam and the number is 15.

Monday, December 08, 2003

moody monday

a little better today. a rather quiet day for a monday.

miserable bowling effort tonight. 3 games under average (112, 86 and something not worth recording...) no more until early february - by then i'll have to learn it all over again...

8 o'clock starts this week so early nights are required.

still listening to substance by new order

still grumpy

Sunday, December 07, 2003


the mood has been down for far too long... hope it gets better soon...

a lot of muttering going on so here are this week's unconscious mutterings...

  1. Blizzard:: thredbo
  2. J:: unmentionable
  3. Control:: out of
  4. Blood:: trickle
  5. Mysterious:: life
  6. Annoying:: people
  7. Throat:: deep
  8. Condom:: forget
  9. Search:: seek
  10. Heartfelt:: thanks

Saturday, December 06, 2003

oh dear,

i really should stay away from the computer when i drink that much... i was obviously very diligent about typing correctly. was only going to have one drink and then go home. newcastle is not going to happen. the furthest i intend to go right now is back to bed...


...another day being pissed off with the world at large...

4 ciders, 1 glass of sauvignon blanc, 4 shots of tequila (with lemon and salt) and possibly 5 gin and tonics and hello, here i am, making sure i remember to cross my eyes and dot my ts... now i'm just pissed... ha ha ha...

might even go to newcastle with miss e tomorrow, if i wake up in any fit state to survive a two hour plus train trip. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

i doubt it very much...

i'm getting in early this year - fuck, i hate christmas.

Thursday, December 04, 2003


no better today, in fact, worse. luckily for the customers, i spent the better part of the day in a ps146 compliance training session. i could not wait for the day to end.

an awesome storm came through in the afternoon. wanted so much to get out in it and just stand in the middle of george street and let it pelt down around me.

did some christmas shopping with miss e on the way home and then had a few g&ts at her place - very calming.

came home to yet another letter, addressed to 'the householder', from yet another collection agency trying to track down the guy that used to live here 3.5 years ago (who i've never met). instant uncalm... they made a mistake sending that in a week when i'm in an ugly mood to start with. called them up and the bitch who answered the phone would not tell me the name of the company so she copped a mouthful from the better bitch (*me! - evil grin*). i don't think i will hear from them again, but if i do, i will report them to FICS - i still have the letter... that will fix the fuckers.

had msn conversations with my niece and with miss em which has calmed down again.

i am blessed. thank you to the people who love me, despite that incandescent streak of anger that glows without warning. thanks also for the 12 dog day bestowed upon me - i really shouldn't bitch so much...

still listening to new order - substance disc one - nice and dark - just what i need.

again, words fail me and numbers are just numbers.

good night.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

angry little beastie i had a bad angry mood happening. so much stuff is shifting about and last night's session with jt shifted a whole lot more. once i realised the source of the mood, it slowly lifted (but not entirely...) it made it very hard to be nice to my customers...

the return to the new order obsession is possibly related to the mood - their music was much more soothing that anything else i've listened to lately.

no interest in words or numbers right now. good night.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

confusion reigns...

...the universe has stepped in again and moved all the landmarks and signposts. after last night's 'hell is other people' rant, i hear from someone who could easily be heaven... i think i'll just hop on board and enjoy the ride.

after a dismal start, it turned out to be a ten dog day, with bonus points for the pug and the most gorgeous, tiny, white puppy that was enjoying a walk up oxford street.

i've found my christmas spirit and bought a $10 christmas tree from the supermarket (60cm high, with tinsel, decorations AND coloured lights!!) and it's happy sitting on a santa-papered box under the window. there are more coloured lights around the window frame. bah humbug...

after a sarah mclachlan morning, i needed something with a bit more edge tonight, so have reverted to the original obsession - new order/get ready - great stuff.

the word is cage, the number is 00:36:00

good night.

Monday, December 01, 2003


...that feels better. i just had to have another blogscream. jean paul sartre had the right idea - hell is other people... i give up.

bowled just below average - 121, 100, 119 - we got 6 points. the league ends next week - we'll end up in 4th place which is good, considering we were last in the previous season.

have reverted back to the sarah mclachlan obsession... she finally ousted the panics from my cd walkman this morning. needed solace.

today's word is honesty and the number is...

Sunday, November 30, 2003

forgot to add...

...i take back my uncharitable words on friday about the silly season - i am thankful for the fact that this is the time of year for my favourite fruits to be in season - bought my first nectarines & grapes today and some more plums - yum!!!! have already had an early expensive mango this year but will wait awhile until they are really cheap and buy bucketloads of the divinely deliciously wonderfully orangy things!

gone fishing...

if you get a chance to see tim burton's new film, big fish, pleeeease see it. it has gone straight into my top five. it is beautifully made and the actors are fabulous. i have not cried so much during a movie since betty blue 17 years ago...

did you know: i was 18 inches away from ewan mcgregor earlier this year. went to see eddie izzard at the enmore theatre and mr mcgregor was there too - leaving the theatre, we were right beside him and had i been brave enough, i could have reached out to touch him. as well as being very handsome, he seems to be very unaffected by his fame. natalie portman was there too, and she is sooooo pretty.

miss e came over for dinner tonight and we watched secretary. after all the hype, i just don't get it. it was rather dull and boring... oh well, that's life.

today's unconscious mutterings...

  1. Scrooge:: mcduck
  2. Ribbon:: ponytail
  3. Physical:: olivia newton-john
  4. Income:: payday
  5. Dream:: weird
  6. Notebook:: computer
  7. Disney:: mickey mouse
  8. Combo:: jazz
  9. Booty:: pirates
  10. Skin:: touch

no cds, words or numbers today. i'll let you choose your own...

good night...

Saturday, November 29, 2003

an early night...

...too many late nights and early mornings so it's in bed by 11pm for me tonight.

off to see a preview screening of 'big fish' with miss e tomorrow - should be interesting...

bridget jones's diary - *sigh* i wish hugh grant and colin firth would fight over me - it would not matter who won, i'd have them both...
the royle family - excellent british comedy - it's bloody funny

elemental - tears for fears
songs from the big chair - tears for fears
parachutes - coldplay

my own personal thanksgiving day...

...i have just been talking to tim in colorado about thanksgiving. although we dont celebrate anything like it here in oz i've decided to declare today my own personal thanksgiving day and will attempt to repeat it on any day that i feel the need to give thanks...

i have spent the day with some very special friends and i give thanks for that. baby g is a treasure and is the first wonder in my world (the original 7 wonders fade in comparison to this beautiful child). her parents are equally treasurable and mr h is becoming a good friend too. all that, plus two conversations with another treasure, miss e, make today worthy of giving THANKS!!!!

more later...

Friday, November 28, 2003

birthday meme

stolen without pause for thought from here via here...

go here to choose your birthmonth and strikeout the bits that don't apply to you...

Thinks far with vision
Easily influenced by kindness
Polite and soft-spoken
Having lots of ideas
Active mind
Tends to delay
Choosy and always wants the best
Funny and humorous
Loves to joke
Good debating skills
Knows how to make friends
Able to show character
Easily hurt
Prone to getting colds
Loves to dress up
Easily bored
Seldom show emotions
Takes time to recover when hurt
Brand conscious
Those who love me are enemies
Those who hate me are friends

aaarrrggghhh!!! last friday before the silly season starts!

i cannot believe that it will be december on monday. this year has disappeared so fast that i think i've missed some of it... the bloody silly season will begin in earnest soon and i will have to grin and bear it until the new year starts. I HATE CHRISTMAS!!! there, i've said it. school holidays mean that there will be too many ill mannered children (and their equally ill-mannered parents) running rampant on the buses and through the city, no chance of getting a taxi (if you can afford it, luckily i can't but sometimes they are a necessary evil...) aarrrgghhh - i guess i've survived christmas every other year, but it just gets harder and harder...

anyway, enough of that. today was as ordinary as my life usually is. worked from 11.15 til 8pm. 4 dog day. played the panics really loud on the bus to and from the city. blah blah blah...

no words, no numbers, no links.

Thursday, November 27, 2003


don't read too much into this post as i'm in that crazy cryptic mood again tonight.

went to see s.w.a.t. with ko'c tonight. not quite what i thought it would be. next time, i wont panic so much...

hello to bertie beetle - welcome to the madhouse.

the word is redheads and the number is unlimited.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

glowing reports...

...lately i've been told that i'm 'glowing'. at least 5 people in the last 5 days have said so... don't know what i'm doing right, but i will continue to do it!!! i know i'm changing and getting stronger on the inside so maybe it's just translating to the outer shell... it will help me to go through with the adventure i have planned for tomorrow night...

a fairly easy day at work - mostly taken up with weekly statistics and the oh&s committee inspection and meeting. got the bus home with miss e for the only time this week - she is off to melbourne tomorrow - lucky duck (although she would not agree...)

went to bingo with mrs jane again tonight - of course, we won nothing but we had fun. it's always good to catch up for a gossip with janie.

have made plans to have breakfast with baby g and her parents on saturday morning. mr h will be my chauffer for the event which is very kind of him.

i'm a lucky girl, who is blessed with many fabulous friends.

more panics today... hand me that obsessions list... and right now, the divine sarah is on musicmax singing 'fallen'

today's word might as well be glowing and the number is abundant.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

cheerful tuesday...

after a bad start with only 2 dogs sighted on the trip to work, it ended up a 12 dog day with a magnificent 10 doggy visions on the way home. well, it cheers me up...

the windows are now complete and the window man even changed my kitchen lightbulb for me! no more cooking by lamplight...

an energising meeting with jt and a very nice open conversation with pt have made this a pleasant evening.

back on the panic wagon again today - i may as well just sell the rest of my cds...

style council are singing 'shout to the top' on musicmax right now - what an excellent blast from the past!

the word of the day is acknowledged and the number is 42.

Monday, November 24, 2003

more unconscious mutterings

  1. Concert:: new order, hordern pavillion, feb 2002
  2. Sydney:: home, sweet home
  3. Shower:: soap and water
  4. Patterns:: mesmerised
  5. Market:: this little piggy
  6. Chair:: of the bored
  7. London:: i sooooo want to go there again
  8. Reception:: warm
  9. Republican:: say no to the monarchy!
  10. Cough:: wheeze

the goddess remains...

...the blogroll link for 'if i could settle down' has changed from steve's blog to his new site. i'm leaving the link there out of respect as he is very kindly hosting my 'goddess' barcode. if you are seeking god, i suggest you check out his site.

windows 2003

woohoo!!! lovely new windows opening up new vistas for me to look at... i can see more of the blank wall of the building next door!!! (and a bit more sky, so don't feel too sorry for me...) now, what to do about the damned mess they left behind...

not a terribly exciting day at work.

again, no cds as they are still packed away as the window men are coming back tomorrow to finish off the job.

today's word has no strings attached and the number comes all the way from planet kaprekar...

Sunday, November 23, 2003

f*ck, fu*k, fuck

...well i've finally said it on my wee bloggy. i've tried for a long time to keep it clean but my cursing nature has finally broken free... not only do i have 1,000,000,000 cockroaches sharing my apartment, tonight i opened the alleged airtight canister containing recently purchased rice and and 3 or 4 bloody moths flew out in a panic!! @#$%&* - last time i buy cheap rice. then to make matters worse, the curry i cooked needed thickening but i had no flour - aarrgghh!! luckily mothers know how to fix this - ring ring 'mum! what do i do?' add some grated potato or some rice... found some risotto rice so boiled that up and added some to the curry with the grated potato - not taking any chances. yum yum yum...

no cds as they're all packed up so i can move the cd rack in preparation for the window installers tomorrow.

i'll have what she's having...

...saw 'in the cut' today with miss e. meg ryan getting her gear off and groaning away just does not add up. i could only wonder if she was faking it as usual... although that would not be possible with mark ruffalo in your bed. what a hottie!!!

an interesting day... it never rains but it pours...

the word of the day is paris and the number is 3...

woo hoo - new windows being installed tomorrow!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2003

serene saturday...

...spent the day with miss e. went across the road to her place - this time it was my turn to provide coffees for sustenance, the panics cd for our listening pleasure and the SMH for perusal and comment. like a pair of schoolgirls, we took great pleasure in drawing beards, moustaches & obscene speech bubbles on a picture/story that offended us before tearing it from the paper and burning it. what childish fun!!!

went down to the village afterwards and bought some veges for dinner... yum... tried on a funky little mood ring in niknak that changed colour to blue/purple which means 'very relaxed' and that was how i felt... for once...

having an ausmusic fest today:
a house on a street in a town i'm from - the panics (surprise, surprise!)
galleon - richard pleasance (twice)
breathing tornadoes - ben lee
trax australian made vol I & II - featuring some reeeeally cool old aussie sounds like:
masters apprentices
zoot (i still have a soft spot for beeb birtles...)
doug parkinson
la de das - gonna see my baby tonight - ohmigod - i'm 16 again...
john(ny) farnham's divine 'one'
russell morris i am the real thing...
la la la - i'm in heaven...

the neverending avalanche of silly things on the net... previously posted, i can deal with this idea, but this one takes it one tacky step further...

Friday, November 21, 2003

the long mostly good friday...

...started work 2 hrs early so i could skive off and have a 3 hr lunch then back to work until 8pm... the annual ex-nzi christmas lunch was fun. not as big a turn out as last year, but a decent number attended. only had one drink, because i know if i have more than that, i'll be asleep at my desk by 4pm. hl read my palm and as usual the reading was that the second love of my life is yet to come and lotsa money in my future... if i believe it, it will happen... and if it is meant to happen, it will...

got side tracked into the rugby club by some co-workers on the way home tonight. a little club that is normally as quiet as, is suddenly the place to be... might be something to do with that world cup thingy...

still panicking but may have to find a new musical obsession for a few days as i've promised to loan the disc to miss e so she can become obsessed with it also.

had cold leftovers for dinner as the microwave oven has gone on the blink again - damned cockroaches... my karma is currently in a bad way because if i don't kill the buggers they will kill me...

no inspiration for words or numbers again today...

Thursday, November 20, 2003


managed to get on the wrong bus this morning and ended up at the opposite end of the city to where i actually work. caught the sardine can from central to wynyard. i don't believe how dumb people can be - trying to squeeze into a train carriage that is already bulging at the seams... i hate people sometimes. i can't believe i used to do that journey every morning when i worked on the other side of the pond for the company that is an anagram of toileted...

the only bright spots were the panics at high volume to keep me sane while i took the long way to work and the puppies and kittens in the pet shop at mid city centre...

no words, no numbers

sweet dreams...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

windows of wednesday...

bummer 1: no new windows until monday now. i'm sure the shoelace will last a few more days...

bummer 2: an absolute zero dog day... but i did see a busload of navy people (some sort of naval band) congregating in pitt street on my way to work - mmm... men in uniform... i tried to find a link for men in uniform but none were suitable for what i had in mind...

apart from that, it was just another day... "everyday, i beat my own previous record for number of consecutive days that i've stayed alive." this came today in a email from my friend fluff in brisbane... hello fluff & liz!

back in panics mode today... you really should buy their album, it is sooooo addictive. will probably be going to see them play on sunday night!!

the word is spoken and the number has already been linked.

and never forget: snowmen fall from the sky unassembled.

good night...

so much for sleeping in...

my one day of the week to sleep in and i was rudely interrupted. the windows on my floor are being replaced this week and the workmen have been hammering and generally being noisy right outside my door. my windows will be done tomorrow and friday - yahooo!!! shouldn't really complain - at last i'll have windows that don't need to be secured with shoelaces tied to my desk or bits of cardboard wedged in to stop them rattling. mmm... nice new aluminium slidy windows with real locks and keys...

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

unconscious mutterings

  1. Plan B:: 2nd best
  2. Seattle:: grunge
  3. The lady wore:: diamonds
  4. Upsetting:: rejection
  5. Tampon:: ughh!
  6. Celebrity:: bullshit
  7. Baja:: california
  8. 64:: 8x8
  9. RGB:: richard of york gave battle in vain
  10. Milkshake:: caramel

happy bunny

ha ha ha ha check out this happy bunny...

an ordinary day in a not so ordinary world...

no cds as i had the pleasure of miss e's company on the bus to and from work.

today's word is toast and the number is atomic

Monday, November 17, 2003

mondayne monday

didn't go to work today for reasons that are not anybody else's business...

bowling was crap: 110,103,108 - no points. made worse by having to play against a team whose captain, besides being a bad loser, is also a bad winner and a total wanker to boot...

in a sarah kinda mood today: solace & surfacing

the word is pain & the number is 321

hello kt - i hope you got my email....

Sunday, November 16, 2003

cooking by lamp light...

...not as romantic as it sounds. the globe in the kitchen flickered it's last dribble of light just as i started to cook dinner. damn being a shortarse living in a high-ceilinged art-deco flat - even standing on a chair with my arm stretched up as far as it would go, i was still about 18 inches short of the light fitting. mmm... now if only i were 18 inches taller... i'd be 7 feet tall!

set up the bedside diana lamp on the stovetop and cooked spaghetti bolognaise and even if i say so myself, it was very delicious. the large blob of 'secret ingredient' and some fresh rosemary from my neighbours garden ensured it tasted good.

a very productive day today. the weather was just right for washing so i washed all the rugs and the sheets and the towels and let them flap madly in the wind. they dried in no time at all.

no cds at all this weekend... mmm... not a good sign...

no particular word today so i'm letting you choose your own. today's number is whatever you want it to be...

Saturday, November 15, 2003

sleepy saturday...

after the big day out and a quick blogtweak this afternoon, i spent the afternoon asleep on the couch... really have to start going to bed earlier... that'll be the day - ha ha ha ha... maybe i should just sleep later than 6am...

yesterday's word came back to me so it will suffice for today: stallion
there is no number

good night!

aaawww! how cute!!

finally met little blake today. miss em has done a wonderful job - he is now 4 weeks old and sooooooooo cute. he has one of those 'old man' faces that babies seem to have. i cried when i finally got to hold him. i'm such a goose.

woo hoo!! 300th visitor turned up sometime this morning while i was busy sleeping... she gets bonus points for being an elvis costello fan!!

Friday, November 14, 2003

as well as...

...being a blogslut, i've now become a blogsnob...

gigglefest friday

the good mood has carried over into today. i just loooove friday - poets day!

a 17 dog day! bloody excellent!

not a real lot to tell. not a bad day at work.

finally going to see miss em's baby tomorrow - can't wait!!!

still panicking...

today's word was so unimportant that i have forgotten it... the number is somewhere between one & fifty...

good night...

Thursday, November 13, 2003

blog withdrawals...

ooohhh!! i hate it when blogger is having her hair done... i get all tetchy, wanting to blog before midnight...

an outstanding 11 (ELEVEN!!) dog bus trip to work this morning... the delirious happiness returned today... the two events might be connected... when i work out how to link to a previous post in my archives these two references to dogs and delirium will maybe make sense. until then look at wednesday oct 15 2003 & tuesday nov 4 2003...

today's word is sunbeam and the number has to be eleven...

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

a cup of tea, a bex and a good lie down...

well, last night i had the cup of tea and a good lie down. before that i went for a walk down to coogee and along the beachfront with miss e after my visit to jt. there were some people juggling with fire on the sand but by the time we got close, they had stopped. it was still fun to watch from a distance. the walk was just what i needed - i was asleep on the couch well before 10.30pm last night. a record for this night owl... staggered off to bed proper at 1.30am and slept like a log till 6.00am...

yesterday at work, a customer who visited the front office threatened to kill me if he got his hands on me as he claimed i had given him false information when he called up a few weeks ago wanting information on how to change some details on his account. luckily the supervisor was managing the front office at the time and she was well aware of what i had told him earlier as i had discussed it with her in detail during that call as the nature of his request was quite complex. double lucky i don't work in the front office!! even 2nd hand knowledge that someone wanted me dead was a bit rattling...

...but today i had two divine customers who were very happy with the service i gave them - one sent me blessings and the other called me an angel - their kind words more than made up for all the nasty people in the world... i was only doing my job 8-)

not much else to report today...

still playing the panics...

today's word is melody and the numbers are 59 & 61

ooh!!! ooh!!! ooh!!! david attenborough is on again right now and it's the orangutan & chimpanzee show!!! happy happy susan!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

ghost post...

getting in early to tell you that i will not be getting online tonight!!! i am spending way too much time on the net, becoming obsessed with my wee bloggy and all the other places i lurk in... as a result, i have too many late nights and not enough sleep and it's starting to hurt...

if you see the little yahoo icon telling you i'm online and and this tells you that the time in sydney is after 7.00pm on tuesday november 11th 2003, please feel free to comment or send a msg telling me to get a life, get off the net and go to bed! of course, i could cheat and just disconnect from yahooooo, but i'm an honest girl... 8-)


Monday, November 10, 2003

Sunday, November 09, 2003

feeling better

the headache has subsided, the queasy stomach is eased. not a killer hangover but bad enough... enough to make me get through almost an entire 1.25 litre bottle of vanilla coke today - that normally takes me a week... note to self: keep your promise to self and only have one or two drinks and behave... ha ha ha...

miss e came over with the sunday paper and some real coffees from zellini's - what a treasure. we read the paper and ate marvin's peanut butter/choc chip muffins while listening to the panics. mmm... a new obsession perhaps - have owned it for approximately 33 hours and have played it at least 8 times... might just slip it back into the cd tray now... ahh, lovely... make that 9 times, possibly ten by the time i get out of blogland and go to bed...

went down the road to buy some stuff for dinner and ran into baby g and her mum whilst buying some frames to put baby g's photos in. such a gorgeous child - i will never stop raving about her beauty and cuteness. she is extraordinarily good for my soul, as are her parents and miss e. lucky me.

made italian style tuna salad for dinner. yum! had no ordinary balsamic vinegar so just had to use the $80 stuff we bought from the source when in italy four years ago... double yum! was also going to make spaghetti bolognaise but got lazy... the closest i've been to an authentic bolognaise sauce is the bologna railway station, where we changed trains on the way to modena and parma... why wasn't i born in italy? i'm sure that i lived there in a previous life and hope to visit again in this life...

good night and may you be as blessed as i am...

turn the bloody jackhammer off...

...blogfree saturday as i stayed out waaaay toooo late and drank waaaay toooo much and was too pissed to do much by the time i got home. damn, i even lit a cigarette for kimi - didn't smoke it but inhaled that first puff.

mmm... hangover city... mmm... vanilla coke... mmm... cup of tea with condensed milk...

canadian ken is returning to canada so we went out for drinks at a funky cocktail bar in east sydney in his honour. got dressed up for the 1st time in ages - wore my gorgeous black linen pants with the little flower motifs and even slapped on some eyeliner... it was a great night out (except for the hangover...)

tried absinthe (but didn't see any green fairies) - it tastes like medicine with something awful added... oh well, the other shots and a couple of ciders took away the bad taste...

worked hard yesterday and treated myself to some new cds.
purchase justification: i only had 4 cds with me (fumbling, solace, tvbo elvis c and fleetwood mac's rumours) and had listened to them all well before lunchtime.
further justification for spending: i used my club dendy card to get a 10% discount...
went down to my friends at fish and got 2 more sarahs - surfacing and touch and 'a house on a street in a town i'm from' by the panics - great stuff. i'd heard a tiny bit of it whilst lurking in fish on thursday night. the staff highly recommend it. so do i.

will blog on about sunday later, but for now, i might have to have a little nap...

Friday, November 07, 2003


bloody flies!! the weather conditions must be just right for the damned things to breed. the great aussie salute is in full swing. i hate summer and it is still only spring.

not a bad day for the late shift. spent most of my working hours finishing off the statistics for october so didn't spend too much time on the phone. the evening was pretty quiet as most of australia are probably out on the sauce...

interesting: a boy named susan... i don't think so...

today's cd: still playing mr mcmanus - i can't believe some of these songs are more than 20 years old. a true musical genius.

today's word is utility and the number is betrothed.

working overtime tomorrow so will finish this as i need my beauty sleep 8-)

early bird

11:15am start today so thought i'd post something early. anything. this will have to do...

Thursday, November 06, 2003

thirsty thursday

another dull day in 3dsville... spent most of the day organising october's statistics - have been too busy to do them on a weekly basis...

went for a quick drink with miss e at the labour club on the way home from work, then stopped at the bottle shop and bought my first ever bottle of gin (and a bottle of tonic water, of course)... very grown up - a real bottle of gin, rather than the teenybopper cans of premix g&t that i usually buy... i've just finished my second (rather large) g&t and it was very nice.

today's cd: the very best of elvis costello

today's word is currency and the number is one...


Wednesday, November 05, 2003

david attenborough is a genius

i'm multitasking - blogging and watching 'the life of mammals' on abc at this moment - the best kind of television. gorgeous little capuchin monkeys and marmosets being very cute & clever and howler monkeys who are eminently entertaining. if i'm reeeeally lucky, i think there may be an orangutan in next week's episode!!! i love orangutans - i have just decided to add them to the obsessions...

another happy day - not the delirium of yesterday, but let's just say that life is currently a much nicer place.

still fumbling and seeking solace in the voice of sarah mclachlan.

today's word and number remain unrevealed...

Tuesday, November 04, 2003


don't you love it when things just fall into place - as if there is no other way. today i am unfailingly, unbelievably, deliriously HAPPY. this sort of happiness is rather new for me so i'm enjoying it without question. the boundaries are working.

many universes of thanks to my cosmic twin for my gorgeous goddess barcode. (your generosity is greatly appreciated!) she is so damned funky. i originally had her hidden at blogbottom but she truly belongs at the top of the tree.

the race that stops a nation was on again today. as usual my intuitive choices for first past the post were obviously racing in a parallel world (and probably still are...) oh well, shit happens - i'm too happy to care la la la

the other goddess, the divine sarah, was singing on musicmax a short while ago, so i have surrendered to my obsession and am currently fumbling towards ecstasy (and warbling as i go...)

today's word has been previously noted and the number is abundant.

dum spiro, spero


...have spent way too long playing with my blogroll... but at least it works!! it is now tuesday morning... *sigh* - i'll sleep eventually.

very busy at work which made the day go fast.

bowled 116, 92, 123 - yuk - m&e pre-bowled so we were finished by just after 7.30pm. we managed to get 8 points against the phantom team - it sucks losing points to people who don't exist...

had vietnamese pho ga again for dinner with h.

today's word is clearview and the number is zero

for today's singalong, just look at yesterday's list, without the spanish accent but with the very best of mr declan mcanus thrown in also...

did you know: i managed to sleep through a concert by the artist formerly known as prince at the sydney entertainment centre in 1992. i was incredibly tired and hungover after the previous night's debaucheries and just could not keep my eyes open...

Sunday, November 02, 2003

sunday night

dinner was very nice considering i've not cooked that meal before - it was also very simple. miss e was impressed. we had a good gossip and a giggle with only one bottle of wine! sunday might be the new saturday but there needs to be limits sometimes.

life enhancing conversations with colorado tim and nz eric today.

further warblings since last post: la historia - ricky martin - all in spanish (*swoon*)
current cd: galleon - richard pleasance

today's word: guru

stormy sunday...

sydney is the new melbourne. got up early this morning (06.30) to colour my hair before meeting babyg, g&p (and h, p & i) for breakfast at barzura (it's not as nice as it used to be...) weather was clear but cool enough to require a jacket. after breakfast, about 10.30, we go down to coogee and sit on the steps at the edge of the sand so baby g can have her first beach experience. it was sunny and hot. since then there has been a thunderstorm followed by intermittent rain with an arctic wind. now the sky is blue and the sun is out and the wind has dropped. la la la 'four seasons in one day' la la la...

listening & warbling along to: the very best of elvis costello (2nd time around with multiple replays of 'good year for the roses')
previous warblings today: semantic spaces - delirium

reading: lowbrow

cooking tonight: honey mustard chicken with carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and rice - yum!

Saturday, November 01, 2003

today has been rescheduled due to unforeseen events beyond my control.

had a really good sleep last night. so good that i slept through an sms msg coming in at 6.57am on my mobile that was only inches from my ear... usually a mouse fart would wake me. woke at about 9.20am and thought "i'll get up in a sec...." 10.30am i finally fell from the nest... missed out on breakfast with baby g and family. luckily we've re-scheduled for tomorrow.

currently typing this with one hand as i devour a toasted ham/cheese on turkish, fresh strawberries next - dinner plans were cancelled as miss e's dad's car carked coming home from newcastle. again, we've re-scheduled for tomorrow.

after going to the shops to get supplies, i spent the afternoon aimlessly surfing the net (just for something different). had a nice long chat with eric in nz, this too has been scheduled again for tomorrow.

found this - it will be interesting to see if i get that email...

today i've been warbling along to:
goodbye yellow brick road - elton john
greatest hits 1970-2002 - elton john
everybody else is doing it, so why can't we? - the cranberries
imaginate - taxiride (just one song - get set - the rest is pretty ordinary)
can't buy a thrill - steely dan
remastered - the best of steely dan - now and then
(what's the story) morning glory - oasis
diva - annie lennox
semantic spaces - delirium

Friday, October 31, 2003

10/30 friday

after another non event day at work, the night out to harold park was excellent.

crazy bus driver shot off up george street like a maniac. had arranged to meet adam on the bus assuming it would stop at railway square, but because another 433 managed to overtake us just before central, she sailed straight past... then turning out of glebe point road she managed to collide with a car that tried to turn in front of us... despite having the discman volume up loud enough to drown out the world, i could hear their argument...

the last friday of the month is 10/30 night at harold park - you pay $10 to get in and they give you $30 worth of vouchers to spend on food/booze. a cheap night if you don't gamble too much. we had a decent enough meal in the bistro and a couple of beers/ciders and ended the night with hot dogs & ice cream.

i had a few small wins but ended up $18 down 8-( adam came out even after picking two trifectas that returned $50 in total and mrs jane was $4 up at the end of the night. it was blowing a gale and quite cold but great fun.

tired and going to have an early night. miss e is coming over for dinner tomorrow night so need to finish the spring cleaning and want an early start.

today's cd: greatest hits - duran duran - really need to get more variety in my ears...

today's word is haver and the number is 43


Thursday, October 30, 2003


...this year is disappearing way too fast - i'm sure it was still april only yesterday...

again, not a very exciting day. flexed the debit card and bought 2 cds for $35 from fish records - goodbye yellow brick road and elton john greatest hits 1970-2002.

got bus home with miss e and had a good giggle. i love people who can make me laugh out loud in public places and make a goose of myself.

organised a trip to harold park tomorrow night with mrs jane & adam. should be fun.

changed my voicemail message because i'm sick to death of people calling my number and not leaving a damned message. if you don't want to leave a message, don't bother calling. *10# and messagebank mostly tell me who has called but i don't recognise the numbers. the number of unknown callers in the last 2 weeks is weird.

finally spoke to my mother after 6 weeks of no contact. i think i know where i get my stubborn streak from.

today's cds:
duran duran greatest hits
elton john greatest hits 1970-2002

word of the day is not suitable for posting and the number is unlisted.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

a day less ordinary...

a very dull day. nowt exciting to report. worked from 11:15 until 20:00. had vietnamese pho ga (chicken and rice noodle soup) for dinner and have surfed the net for a while.

i think i'll leave it at that for now.

bye bye

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

ta ta tuesday

...fluffy and lizzy have gone to brissy... will miss them, but now have a good excuse to go to brisbane sometime... hope to see them at christmas - have to get my police cd back...

another crazy day - as predicted, today was worse than yesterday, but had the pleasure being able to say 'sorry bucko, you've left it too late, can't help you...' or words to that effect, in my best customer service consultant voice. sometimes it's nice to be unhelpful...

g&p dropped by with some photos of baby g for me. baby was at home with the grandparents so did not get to see her beauty, but i have the photos now and can see her anytime!

today's number is 103 and the word is invisible...

Monday, October 27, 2003

manic monday

bloody hell, some people are stupid. if you know there is a deadline for a payment to be made, do you faff about and do nothing until the day before it is due and then try to get special treatment to make sure your payment is received in time? it would appear that that's what most of the country does... non stop calls today - 2 people off sick, 20+ calls constantly in the hold queue - call centre hell. welcome to my world. oh well, tomorrow will probably be worse and there's not much we can do to help you if you try it on tomorrow... good luck.

bowled relatively well tonight - 121, 127, 134 - all over average. we managed 8 points and have sidled back into 3rd place!

no cds today - my ears are still sore and my sinuses have gone stupid. didn't have the energy to play anything.

no word, no number, no links, no can do.

good night.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

i don't need daylight saving...

...i've still got some left over from last year.

woke up at 04:00 and realised it was actually 05:00 due to the start of daylight saving. i reset the clock (gotta love the old sony cube - one button to press and it puts it forward for you!) but at 05:15 i'm still awake and it felt like an hour had passed, so i got up and did some of that good old aimless web browsing. had a nap on the couch from 07:30 till about 10:30 when kl called. long time since we've caught up, so we gossiped for about an hour.

most of the spring cleaning is finished. the bathroom still needs to be done but i've done enough for one day. it's taking longer than i thought but it looks bloody fabulous. even the budgie is impressed. have to admit that the junk room is still that and now in a worse state. at least the main part is done, i can attack the junk slowly.

still have to do the washing, but with the extra sunshine, that wont be a problem.

today's cds: (craving old stuff again. tried to play hunters and collectors but could not get into it)
captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy - elton john
the elton john collection - elton john
merry christmas mr lawrence - soundtrack (ryuichi sakamoto)
listen without prejudice (vol 1) - george michael

might get back on later and write some more, but then again, i might not.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

spring clean saturday

despite the snotty nose and sore throat, today was the day that i started the spring cleaning. i know i said i was going to do it ages ago, but i didn't. i have made a good start today. the antique dust collection is gone... the cd collection has been sorted into those that i listen to (in the cd cabinet on my desk) and those that i don't (hidden on the bottom shelf of the bookcase.) the kitchen is 90% done - just need to mop the floor and give the stove a good clean. that will be done tomorrow along with the bathroom... i feel much happier having made some progress. i might even be able to allow my friends to visit me... miss e did pop in briefly to inspect my hard work and was suitably impressed - she even brought me a little gift... thank you!

today's cd playlist took me back to my teenage years - i'm a seventies girl at heart...
remastered - the very best of steely dan - then and now
in search of the lost chord - the moody blues
crisis? what crisis? - supertramp
can't buy a thrill - steely dan
chicago's greatist hits
california dreaming - the mamas and the papas - so divine i'm playing it again right now...
echoes - the best of pink floyd (disc two)
greatest hits - fleetwood mac
and just to give it a bit of nineties flavour
laid - james

under renovation

i've done some tweaking to move the blog slut stuff to another page. i just like playing around with this. it's nice to see it all work so easily. i think my blog is my new obession...

Friday, October 24, 2003

freaky friday

not in any mood to tell much about today. feel the need to be cryptic.

the work day kinda balanced out with approximately half of my customers yelling and bleating like idiots and the other half telling me i was a star.

coming down with a cold or something. sinuses are stuffed, throat sore, ears itchy... chomping on blackmores echinacea/citrus lozenges and popping codral cold tablets.

3 strongbows and 2 large glasses of mandarin napoleon have taken their toll...

finally caught up with suzik tonight and got that special hug that i've missed for soooo long.

spent time with my lucky charm who is a total treasure.

weird non-letter from my mother.

having an early night to try and sort this blue funk out.

good night.

let's hope tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

nothing ever happens

another dull day. mmm... must get some excitement in my life... worked 2.5 hours overtime again - i'm only in it for the money...

today's cds: the rest of 'rush of blood to the head' and 'get ready' which i grooved out to while working late tonight. it's so nice to take the headset off and put the headphones in - i can bury myself behind the wall of sound.

today's word is penguin and the number is 8.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

ooh, ooh, ooh...

...just found heaven and had to post it here... dogs in cars always get bonus points because they nearly always appear to be happy to be there...

weird wednesday...

this is going to sound dumb, but i think the man who writes the astrology stuff in the daily telegraph is stalking me. while i do believe that a person's star sign can indicate the type of person that they are, i think that most astrological forecasts are rather silly - a short paragraph cannot possibly describe what might happen for a billion or more different people in a billion or more different locations in a single day BUT it certainly is ringing true for one single person in one location... this guys stuff for crabby old cancer for the last few weeks has made me feel that he is watching my every move and hearing every word i say... mmm... maybe i'm just being silly... anyway, i'll have another look tomorrow and see what he has to say...

happy birthday to david in dublin - 27 - what a young pup!

spoke to my dear friend cg today. long time, no speak. she can hear the change in me and is pleased. we've planned to catch up at the 'ex nzi' christmas lunch on november 21 - looking forward to that.

email from suzik - meeting for drinks on friday - yippeeeeee - will get a famous skb hug that will warm my heart for weeks to come!

today's cd : rush of blood to the head - coldplay

no word or number today as nothing has jumped up and said 'me, me, me, pick me'...

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

boundaries, not barriers

my life is changing in many ways and i now realise that this is a good thing.

today was fairly ordinary. nothing terribly exciting to report.

had an email from a dear friend and ex-workmate who also sent a picture of his three year old daughter - she is so absolutely beautiful but beauty is in her gene pool.

miss em sent a picture of her brand new little boy, blake - he is totally gorgeous as well. lucky me, i am surrounded by all these fabulous children to love and cherish.

still listening to diorama today.

watching: the deltas. oops, sorry, the arias. what a pile of crap. sympathy in small doses is fine, i think this is going a bit far. (understand that this is my opinion and if you read this comment and don't like it, TOUGH!)

today's word is metamorphosis and the number is correct to only 5 decimal places...

Monday, October 20, 2003

mindless monday

i think my braincell has bought into a timeshare option, forgot to tell me and has spent today in someone elses head... i have been very vague today. went to work without my watch, my rings, my charm bracelet... forgot to drink my morning cup of tea... any wonder i was not functioning - can't survive without the morning cuppa...

had an interesting phone conversation today. i have to stop being so bloody silly and getting things all wrong... the telephone call restored a bit of faith in myself.

bowling tonight was a disaster - we lost all ten points and fell from 3rd to possibly 5th position in the league - bowled 107, 132, 112 - with an average of 118, that's crap! my excuse? well, i haven't bowled for four weeks... sad, but it's the best i can do...

today's cd: diorama - silverchair - could become a new obsession - i don't play it often enough.

today's word is luke and the number is six.

good night.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

sunday cinema

went to see a freeby preview screening of 'intolerable cruelty' with miss e today. indelibly stamped with the coen brothers touch. a bit silly at times, but eminently enjoyable george clooney is soooo gorgeous...

they played a preview of the final lord of the rings movie. i got all teary at the thought of it - lots of shots of legolas and aragorn... even though i've read the books about 10 times and know what's going to happen, i just don't want to wait another two months to see it!!! peter jackson has done such a fan-fu*king-tastically fabulous job of translating the written words onto the screen. i wish mr tolkien had written more books then there'd be more movies to look forward to...

had a good conversation with tim today - another person who is good for my soul. sorry for the blethering...

today's cd list;
greatest hits - duran duran
ray of light - madonna
watching angels mend - alex lloyd

MUST get off the net NOW and go cook some dinner - chicken, nut (that's me) and broccolini stir fry - page 71 November 2003 issue

Saturday, October 18, 2003

baby baby

miss em had her baby boy @ 3.26 this morning. welcome little one.

spent the day with baby g and her mum, who is my 2nd oldest friend - we worked together in our first job out of school. lunch in newtown at the dendy cafe (starspot alert: alex lloyd wandering down king st past the cafe while we were there) then went to the bonds sale at sydenham. baby g has grown sooooo much and she is soooooo gorgeous. big blue eyes and dark hair. everyone stopped to talk to her and comment on her beauty. as predicted, her stunning smile brought me to tears. she is so precious and i feel blessed for having been able to spend the day with her.

damn my old maternal clock, ticking away like mad...

dinner at miss e's - yum. watched eddie izzard 'glorious' that i taped for her ages ago.

i have spent the day with people who are good for my soul and again, i am blessed.

bad tempered bitch

i'm angry with the world right now (and myself) - i said something last night that made a good friend cry. it was not malicious - it was truth. it was probably the way i spilled the words out without thinking. i'm going to stay away from the world at large for a few days and try to capture and contain this demon in me that says the wrong thing sometimes.

i am truly sorry.

(i have been forgiven, thank you. i still feel so mean for being so blunt. must learn to think first, then speak.)

Friday, October 17, 2003

friday farewell

a sad day today. one of the girls at work left today to move south of the border. she has a job in the melbourne office so she is still with us. had farewell drinks at the metropolitan which was much good fun. lots of photos and lots of laughs.

looking forward to seeing baby g and her mum tomorrow. we're going to have a walk around centennial park and just hang out for a few hours - it's been too long since one of her beautiful baby smiles has brought tears to my eyes - at least 6 weeks - she has probably doubled in size - i can't believe she is now 5 months old.

still no word of miss em's baby - he's only 4 days overdue - hurry up baby - i can't wait to meet you at last!

today's word is tired and the number is not relevant.

tried to play fumbling cd today but it kept going weird - hopefully it's only a bit of grime on the disc - was raining on way to work so did not open the cd player to check. heard enough to be happy.

an early night is in order so i couldnae be bothered linking.

i get to sleep in tomorrow - i love saturday mornings.

Thursday, October 16, 2003


not much to report.
a five dog day.
did 2.5hrs overtime.
it's my sister's birthday - the old bag is 44 - ha ha ha! i might be going slowly grey but she's got ALL the wrinkles...
what a bitch i am!!

played karma, fumbling towards ecstasy & get ready - just for something different...

today's word is hobart and el nĂºmero de hoy es cuarenta siete.

buenos noches...

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

two little ducks

woo hoo - a nine dog trip to work this morning. by writing that, i guess i have to tell you why a nine dog trip is a good thing... i love dogs to the point of obsession and want one (or many) quite desperately, but living in a small apartment with little yard space, it is impossible to have one. the more dogs i see on any given day, the happier i am. a ten dog day is a v.good day. a nine dog bus trip is an excellent bus trip. although i think the universe was preparing me for the big dark rain cloud that made the sky so dark that it obscured any dog sightings on the trip home. luckily my bus trip goes via centennial and moore parks - always doggy heaven with lots of lucky dogs out and about playing and jumping with their friends...

the universe also put her two cents worth in earlier today and gave me two links to an old school friend (she came into my mind at some stage of the day and then later on i checked a customer account and the address was the same street as hers...) this is the girl that i have known longest in my life, apart from my family - we became friends in first grade. although we probably only talk once or twice a year, when we do it's like we have never been apart. i took the hint and made sure i called her on my afternoon break. we had a quick chat and have planned to catch up very soon. thanks universe.

went to bingo with mrs jane again tonight. we managed to win a meat tray in the meat raffle. tomorrow they have a monster raffle - what, no monsters???? i wanna win a monster!!!

today's cd was karma - delirium - just another excuse to listen to sarah mclachlan singing 'silence'.

too tired for words and numbers. going to have an early night.

p.s. the bruise is still a major pain in the shin but appears to have stopped growing. i refuse to let it take over my blog. it's big enough and ugly enough to make it's own blog...

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


the bruise is bigger and it hurts again today. jt gave it a gentle massage tonight which helped a lot. might get it xrayed. i doubt that anything is broken - even though it hurts, i'm still upright and walking without trouble...

had a laugh at this today (reading yesterday's "tomorrow's paper" today - work that out...)

cd played today was duran duran greatest hits (again... hand me that obsessions list...) loud in the bus in both directions but less loud while walking down the street to the office... can't take any chances... probably should get my hearing checked as well... 8-)

today's word is invitation and the number is invisible.

Monday, October 13, 2003

diary of a bruise

mmm... the bruise is a bit bigger and darker today... it's also incredibly itchy which i hope is a sign of healing... i've truly never been injured so badly by a fall before. i was much more careful walking down to work this morning. the volume on the cd (same as friday's) was at a less distracting level. having not got an express bus, i also walked straight down bridge street which i could do blindfolded.

did not bowl tonight as my leg is still quite sore. my team managed 6 points without me. i managed to sleep on the couch for about 2 hours after settling down to watch south park on sbs (and missing most of it) - i think that little power nap was the best idea i've had in a long time...

today's number is sixteen and the word is yawn and on that note, i'm off to bed. good night.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

apparently sunday IS the new saturday...

...according to miss e, the younger, trendy set don't care about about early monday starts, they drink just as much on sunday nights as if it were saturday...

taking a cue from these pups, we drank a bottle of champagne to celebrate her new apartment [again 8-) ] and then downed a few more glasses of verdehlo whilst watching the scotland/japan rugby match. with miss e being a true scots (edinburgh) girl with accent intact and me having a scottish surname, it was good to see them win.

hatful of rain - best of del amitri, in the interests of my heritage.
duran duran - greatest hits (earlier today and again now... another addition to the obsessions list perhaps... 80s song lyrics as therapy is a scary concept but it works...)
crime of the century - supertramp - ohmigod - what a blast from the past - my first 'international' concert live at the hordern pavlova in 1976 or 1977... how amazing, after 25+ years, i still know all the words without hesitation...

have discovered that my left shin is bruised ALL down the front. the initial bruise on my knee is a beauty, but the bigger bruise covering most of my shin is scary - i know now why my leg hurt so much when i tumbled on friday morning... (still suspect that it was a case of sustaining personal injury as a way of avoiding my life...)

Saturday, October 11, 2003

sore on saturday

the results of the fall are setting in. i ache from shoulder to shin and have found a bruise near my ribs... my left arm/shoulder is also quite stiff with a small bruise on the elbow... my right ankle is still sore and something hurts near where my appendix used to be... having a quiet day to let the sore parts rest and recover.

note to self: must be more careful and pay attention to what i'm doing (and maybe turn the volume down on the cd player - probably not)...

today's cds:
diva - annie lennox
parachutes - coldplay
substance - new order (disc 1)
greatest hits - duran duran

today's tape (it's a long time since i've played a cassette!!)
the seeds of love - tears for fears (will probably play it several times today - damn, i should never have lent that cd to someone - i never saw it again and i miss it - it's a top 5 all time favourite - thank you to miss e for lending me the tape!)