Wednesday, August 31, 2005


my astrocentre horoscope for today:

"Finally, SUSAN, you begin to feel that you are making real progress. You wake up today intent upon completing some projects that have long been in the works. After many hours of concentration and focus, you dot the last "i" and cross the last "t" and proclaim yourself finished. Well done, SUSAN. You can expect to be richly rewarded for your efforts. Your skills are extraordinary, and you enjoy a real sense of satisfaction. Tonight: indulge yourself in a little celebrating!"

i turned up for my interview just before 10am and it started on time. i left the interview at 11.08am and met up with miss shell, as she already works there. we walked up to the rta office on york street so she could transfer the registration on her new car. while we were there, at 11.28am, i got a call from the human resources department of my NEW EMPLOYER to tell me that they were very impressed & excited to have me on the team and can i start on the 19th of september. YEAH ME!! they still had not done any reference checks so i won't get my letter of offer until they are done. i cannot wait to hand in my letter of resignation.

can you spell cheshire cat?

i cannot remove the dumb cheesy grin from my face

just before midnight update::
a visit to karen's reminded me that it is blogday. i have linked 5 recent random blog discoveries for your reading pleasure:

bored at the beach
the godawful truth
doing the right thing
motley krooie
two minute happiness

a perfect 10 day which is 100% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
tourist : athlete
dreams : evermore
vega 95.3


pending receipt of written confirmation, i might have some good news to impart...

i know i am being a tease but i don't want to tell you until i know for sure it is true!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

soundtrack of my life

found this at shirl's - the lists have a distinctly american bent but the songs remain the same...

A. Go here
B. Enter the year you finished high school in the search function.
C. Select the Top 100 for that year
D. Copy the list to your blog then bold for the songs you like, strike through the ones you hate and underline your favorite. Do nothing to the ones you don't remember (or don't care about).

of course, i can't just play the game as it is... i finished year 10 and bombed out 2 terms into year 11. because i have to make my own rules, i've included both years.

in the interest of not making my previous post disappear, you'll find my answers here.

terrific tuesday

a fabulous day - quite possibly the best day i have had in a long, long time.

the good::
* spent the morning with my friend, the professor
* phone catch up with the ever lovely cg - we cannot catch up in person this week but we will soon
* job interview at 10am tomorrow
* went to see a really good aussie movie - 'look both ways' - all about death and a bit sad but i enjoyed it very much
* i now have a new crush, william mcinnes is sooooo gorgeous and talented!
* i was going to use one of my movie money freeby tickets but being $5 tuesday it was better value to buy a ticket and save the freeby for a full price day.
* found my favourite lindt chocolate in david jones - i have so far resisted the temptation to open it. once i do, it will last about 35 seconds...
* i made tacos for dinner and they were delicious
the not so good::
* i found out some more things about the conniving, cunning and manipulative behaviour of a certain manager where i work. probably not bad news really; it just makes me more determined to get a better job

a double dozen day which is 240% of the RDDHA - yeah!

music to my ears
vega 95.3 i tried again today to win tickets to see jimmy webb - i got through but did not make it on air. there is always tomorrow...

Monday, August 29, 2005

more monday

the walk to coogee did me a world of good. 40 minutes of walking and 20 minutes of watching and listening to the waves in their endless quest - pure bliss.

cheer me update::
1. a nice chat with the disappearing/reappearing but ultimately forgiven mr kim - he will remain a good friend.
2. jimmy webb is on the 'enough rope' tonight - i so wish i could get some tickets to see him next week. i keep trying on vega 95.3 but having no luck... i'm going to have to play my glen campbell cd now

it ended up being a 14 day which is 140% of the RDDHA with triple million bazillion bonus points for the local labradoodle - i have not seen this charming doggy for a while and it was lovely to see him today.

monday meanders

so far, my monday has been very quiet - catching up on the housework that did not get done over the long lazy weekend (with some added ). once the washing is done, i plan to amble down to coogee to get some sunshine and oceany goodness for my soul. more later if anything exciting happens...

while i'm here, i might as well get in early for...

monday madness! otto says 'Another week of potpourri....... Have fun!'

1. Do you own a dishwasher (and if not, do you even want one), or do you have to do your dishes by hand? i have the old manual style of dishwasher - me and the sink. an automatic dishwasher would be nice but not possible while renting.
2. Do you put your dishes away immediately after washing them? no, i let them dry first... sorry, that was a bad joke. i leave them in the drainer until i get around to putting them away or using them again.
3. In the warm weather, do you like hanging your laundry out on the clothesline to dry, or do you prefer a dryer? i use the dryer for things that wont shrink and put the rest on an airer in my flat. i would prefer to hang them outside but i cannot see the clotheslines in the backyard from my flat and other people have had things snowdropped from the clothesline before.
4. How many loads of laundry are done in your household each week? mostly two in winter because of the extra clothes needed to keep warm, usually only one in summer
5. Do you own a pet? If so, do you buy them presents for holidays? Do you consider your pet(s) spoiled? If you don't own one, do you think you will one day? *sob* no, i don't have a pet but one day will have a dog or 10 and spoil them rotten with presents every day.
6. It's Friday evening and you're planning your weekend. What's on your agenda? um, unless i have already made plans to do something, it's sleep, housework, web wandering and anything else that turns up.

as i post this, it's a 0 day which is 0% of the RDDHA. hopefully this will change after my walk to coogee - it is such a lovely day there's bound to be some about!

music to my ears
addicted romantic : faker
vega 95.3

Sunday, August 28, 2005

nothing doing

another day of australian idle... at least i got out of bed at 9.30am instead of sleeping until early afternoon.

the housework is happy to wait until tomorrow.

unconscious mutterings
1. Girlfriends:: boyfriends
2. Here to stay:: going nowhere
3. Call me:: susan
4. Frustrated:: thwarted
5. Public school: girraween
6. Glitch:: minor
7. Cheese:: saint marcellin
8. Director:: ...'s cut
9. Pivotal:: crucial
10. Exclusive:: keeping out the riff-raff

another zero day which is 0% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
vega 95.3

Saturday, August 27, 2005


the holiday mode got off to a good start - with no alarm, the blinds firmly down and the curtains closed, i managed to sleep until 1pm. lazy, lazy susan. i just hope i can sleep tonight, i don't want to get into a pattern of late nights and even later sleep ins...

apart from sleep, i have spent the entire day on the net, aimlessly leaving my grubby paws all over the whirled wild whatever and engaging in including a brief chat with colorado tim - we so hardly ever catch up lately and i miss him a lot.

a 0 day which is 0% of the RDDHA - bound to happen when your lazy butt does not leave the computer all day...

music to my ears
regatta de blanc : the police
hot fuss : the killers
can't buy a thrill : steely dan
remastered - then and now - the best of : steely dan
abattoir blues : nick cave & the bad seeds
it's my life : talk talk

Friday, August 26, 2005


i am on holidays!! no work for 9 fabulous indolent days!!

the last two days at work have been quite busy and i managed to catch up on a lot of my outstanding work. there was a few things that didn't get done but all the important stuff is taken care of.

as luck would have it, my sister, who lives about 800km to the north, has come to sydney for the week as she is going to a school reunion tomorrow night. having the week off will give me a good chance to catch up with her. i will also be able to apply some quality time to job hunting and catching up with a few friends.

more good news: i have been listening to the new sydney radio station and call up whenever they have a quiz or competition of some sort. have not had any luck until last night when i finally became a winner!! i won a copy of this cd and i'm really looking forward to getting my prize - good reviews everywhere i look.

an 8 friday which is 80% of the RDDHA. only 2 dogs yesterday and i forget wednesday's tally.

music to my ears
addicted romantic : faker
final straw : snow patrol
a house on a street in a town i'm from : the panics
vega 95.3

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


a much better day today. after a 30 minute team meeting and an hour of call centre backup, i did the best that i could with my mountain of outstanding work with what was left of the day. during my morning tea break, an agent from a job i applied for a few weeks ago called. i'm going to see her tomorrow morning. in order to get to work on time, i'll get there at 7.30am. she is happy for me to bring along my previous skills test results (word, excel, data entry etc.) so that will save some time. i have to work on my positive mental attitude and know that a good job will be mine soon.

some more good news that i keep forgetting but become very happy when i think about it - i have next week off as annual leave. my sister is coming down to sydney for a school reunion and is staying for the week, so i'll be able to catch up with her and also catch up with some friends i have not seen for a while. hopefully by the time i go back to work, i'll be able to say 'i quit'...

a 13 day which is 130% of the RDDHA and again, the schnauzer twins earned a gazillion bonus points.

music to my ears
son of evil reindeer : reindeer section
y'all get scared now, ya hear? : reindeer section
songs for polar bears : snow patrol
when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol
vega 95.3

Monday, August 22, 2005

mongrel monday

stop me if i have told you this before...


it is just getting crazier. another 2 hours of enforced headset-bound slavery every monday morning, making it a minimum of 9 hours per week (plus whatever extras they feel like chucking in...) meanwhile, my own work just piles up as more gets added. i questioned this new addition and asked for an explanation as to why it had just appeared without any form of communication. the response was prompt but unacceptable. it has also been decided that call centre work will be included in our performance management stats - something i have vehemently objected to previously - i do not work for the call centre and i will not answer to their scheming bitch of a manager. seems like it is tough shit. it wont make a spot of difference to my performance review. i vented in this year's review document and the two managers just signed it off with a curt comment of 'thanks for your efforts this year' - no response to the concerns i raised. it is not as if we get a payrise or a bonus based on our performance. they might as well print it on toilet paper for all the use it is.

if i could afford to do so, i would go in there tomorrow and resign and hope like mad that i can find another job within two weeks. i called the agent regarding the lack of response from the job i mentioned last monday - the opportunity is still there, they have just been a bit behind in contacting people. i'm hanging on to this one as my holy grail. i really don't know how much longer i can last in the current hellhole.

apart from the steaming pile of excrement that is my job, my monday was fabulous. how was yours?

monday madness! otto says 'This week's questions are totally unrelated to one another; just a 'pot pourri' of randomness! Have a great week and thanks for playing!'

1.When putting groceries away, do you rotate your food so your newest items (cans and such) are in the back, and older food in the front? no, just chuck 'em in. the cupboard is not big enough for it to be a problem
2. Do you own a digital camera? If so, how long have you had one? If not, do you plan to purchase one soon? yes, had it since march
3. How do you store your precious photos? on my hard drive and every now and then i back them up to cd
4. It's 6:00 a.m. and you've just lost power due to a severe thunderstorm; they say it will probably take at least 12 hours before power will be restored; what do you do? find some candles, have a shower before the hot water cools off and depending on the day of the week, go to work or go back to bed
5. How many times a year do you (or does someone dear to you) wax your automobile? um, my first thought was 'is that a euphemism for something that i have not heard before???'... hey baby, can i wax your automobile? the correct answer is never, i don't have a car... never have, never will...
6. Gas prices; what can we say except they've reached an all-time high. How are you dealing with this? i'm still catching the bus to work
7. Have you ever purchased a book or cd twice, forgetting that you already had it? hell yes!! so many times, i could not count them... the last one?? the book mentioned here...

a 17 day which is 170% of the RDDHA with a bucketload of bonus points for the schnauzer twins.

music to my ears
demon days : gorillaz
vega 95.3

Sunday, August 21, 2005

apples & pears

a much healthier and happier susan today. still not eating much but i'm not that hungry. i made some more stewed apples (with added pears) just because the last batch was soooo yummy. i got distracted by and neglected to stir the pot so it caught on the bottom of the pan. i poured it into another and i think i have saved it - it doesn't have a burnt taste, more a caramelly flavour - yum!

not a lot else to report. got the washing done and did a spot of housework. as usual, have spent way too much time on the net but it's what makes me happy.

unconscious mutterings
1. Fan:: mail
2. Scum:: bag
3. Lily:: of the valley
4. Humid:: sweaty
5. Ghetto:: blaster
6. Remember me?:: blueboy
7. Polished:: bald
8. Compose:: lay out
9. Squish:: bug
10. Future:: past

a 0 day which is 0% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
antics : interpol
turn on the bright lights : interpol
galleon : richard pleasance
colour blind : richard pleasance
short note : matt finish
final straw : snow patrol
songs for polar bears : snow patrol


things that scare me:
* spending the rest of my life alone
* fire - but it also fascinates me
* death of my loved ones
* the state of the world
* spiders
* snakes
* life

things I like the most:
* dogs
* music
* friends
* chocolate
* family
* books
* men

important things in my room:
* me
* books
* computer
* cd collection
* window/sunlight
* third daughter print
* mantlepiece - i keep little gifts from my friends on there

random facts about me: I...
* read spanish out loud & sound like a native but have no idea what i'm saying
* have had viral meningitis, twice - not something i can recommend
* am listening to richard pleasance right now
* have a mild hand washing obsession
* was sunbeam of the year, twice
* used to smoke cigarettes
* have big feet

things I plan on to do before I die:
* laugh
* love
* live
* cry
* hurt
* feel
* think

things i can do:
* laugh
* love
* live
* cry
* hurt
* feel
* think

things I can’t do:
* swim
* save money
* watch crap tv
* understand men
* eat bean sprouts or capsicum
* close my left eye without first closing my right eye
* eat melon of any sort and drink alcohol within the same 6-8 hour period - if i do, i become violently ill

things that attract me to the opposite sex:
* eyes
* smile
* voice
* manners
* mouth
* hands
* tall

things I say the most:
* crap
* cool
* f*ck
* sh*t
* hello
* please
* thank you

celebrity crushes:
* jeff bridges
* edward norton
* adrian brody
* josh homme
* gary lightbody
* eskimo joe
* antonio banderas

snaffled from karen

Saturday, August 20, 2005

things i have learnt this week...

* boiled rice is boring
* stewed apples are so easy to prepare and very yummy
* boiled rice and stewed apples in the same bowl is absolutely delicious
* i can eat vegemite toast without butter
* the same goes for toast with honey
* chai tea is better with milk and sugar
* rosehip and hibiscus tea is quite pleasant
* green tea flavoured with mango is also very nice
* peach iced tea may well become an addiction
* i can move on to steamed vegetables and fish tomorrow - how exciting
* if i don't eat something tasty soon, i will go mad!!!

i am feeling much better but am still sticking with the limited diet as suggested by the quack. i have had a very quiet week with hardly any human contact, except the doctor and the chemist, so when miss e suggested a gentle stroll down to coogee today, i agreed without hesitation. when we left home it was windy & cold, with intermittent spits of rain but we pushed on and i'm glad we did. the wind blew away some mental cobwebs and the oceany goodness restored my soul. we stopped in at the supermarket on the way back. because i cannot have any dairy products until at least tuesday, i went mad in the herbal tea section - there are soooo many different varieteas (tea hee) to try!! i will not have to buy any tea for a long, long time.

a 6 day which is 60% of the RDDHA. 1 million bonus points for the gigantic great dane lounging happily in the back of his human companions ute

music to my ears
where the humans eat : willy mason
tourist : athlete
vega 95.3
abc 702

Thursday, August 18, 2005

much more betterer

feeling much more betterer now... still not 100%, but at least 98%. not a lot exciting to tell you... i am trying to drink lots of water and am living on a lovely and exciting regime of dry toast, boiled rice, stewed apples and cups of herbal tea - no dairy or fats for at least a week - eek!! i don't want to feel as vile as i felt on tuesday ever again so i am sticking to the doctors orders.

music to my ears
vega 95.3 - having been at home most of the week, i've had a chance to listen throughout the day - they are playing some great music! even eskimo joe got a spin this afternoon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


aarrgghh!! i'm not well and don't have the energy to sit at the computer all night. my stomach has gone into revolt and has rejected what little is has been offered today, including painkillers i tried to take for stupid girly pains?. doctor gave me an anti-nausea injection in the rump (ouch!) and it's clear fluids and rest until everything settles.

see ya later alligators.

Monday, August 15, 2005

the naked truth

first of all - it's time to tell the truth!

liar, liar, pants on fire

1. i once slept through a prince concert - truth! i first admitted to it here

2. i have an IQ of 140 - lie - it is only about 130...

3. i left school at the age of 16 - truth - a fact i sometimes regret

not a bad day for a monday, despite 3 hours of enforced headset slavery.

i had a call from an agent about another job - it is very similar to what i do now and it's at the same place where miss shelly now works... i had a chat to her and she thinks they are a great company to work for. i have a good feeling about this one :) wish me luck.

not much else to report so i'll be off.

monday madness! otto says 'This week's questions are all about you! Nothing personal; just for fun...'

1. On what day of the week were you born? saturday
2. Do you look forward to birthdays? yes
3. How do you usually celebrate your birthday? depends on the day of the week and the mood i'm in. sometimes i go out and have dinner and a few drinks, sometimes i do nothing.
4. Do you like surprises? sometimes
5. Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party? yes, my sisters organised one for my 15th birthday and i was totally unprepared and embarrassed. my housemates organised one for my 22nd birthday but i found out about it the night before at another friend's 21st birthday party. her husband let the cat out of the bag so i had to spend to whole day pretending i did not know what was going on...
6. How many family and friends' birthdays can you remember right off the top of your head? um, lots - too many to count
7. Do you send cards to your family and friends on their birthday? not always
8. What kind of cake do you like? any cake is good on a birthday. my favourite is caramel mud cake. mmmm... caramel mud cake...
9. What kind of ice cream goes best with it? vanilla, anything else might overpower the cakey goodness!
10. When is your birthday? (You don't have to share the year with us if you answer this question.) 24th june, 1961 (i have no shame about my age)

an 11 day which is 110% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
the best of : new order
get ready : new order
vega 95.3

Sunday, August 14, 2005

don't panic

i had a very quiet saturday - after my early night, i slept in until well after 10am then spent most of the day mooching about on the net. some 'panadol sinus' tablets cleared my nose/head enough that i felt well enough to trot off to the metro with miss e to see the the panics. have i told you before how much i love these guys? the support acts were a canadian band 'pilate' who were quite good, unlike the 2nd support, 'howling bells' - they appeared to be more bored than i was...

today was spent at a farewell party with my friend jules and her family. she has accepted a job based in the united kingdom and they will be there for at least two years. i'm hoping i get a great new well-paid job so i can save some money to fly over for a visit *dreams*

unconscious mutterings
1. Idiot:: village...
2. Rocket:: science
3. Liability:: insurance
4. Harmless:: creatures
5. Stringy:: bark
6. Theatre:: sports
7. Gwyneth:: happiness
8. Use it or lose it:: exercise
9. Sonic:: animation
10. Pucker:: up

a 25 weekend which is 125% of the RWDHA

music to my ears
the panics : live!!
the best of : new order
vega 95.3