Sunday, November 23, 2003

f*ck, fu*k, fuck

...well i've finally said it on my wee bloggy. i've tried for a long time to keep it clean but my cursing nature has finally broken free... not only do i have 1,000,000,000 cockroaches sharing my apartment, tonight i opened the alleged airtight canister containing recently purchased rice and and 3 or 4 bloody moths flew out in a panic!! @#$%&* - last time i buy cheap rice. then to make matters worse, the curry i cooked needed thickening but i had no flour - aarrgghh!! luckily mothers know how to fix this - ring ring 'mum! what do i do?' add some grated potato or some rice... found some risotto rice so boiled that up and added some to the curry with the grated potato - not taking any chances. yum yum yum...

no cds as they're all packed up so i can move the cd rack in preparation for the window installers tomorrow.