Tuesday, November 04, 2003


don't you love it when things just fall into place - as if there is no other way. today i am unfailingly, unbelievably, deliriously HAPPY. this sort of happiness is rather new for me so i'm enjoying it without question. the boundaries are working.

many universes of thanks to my cosmic twin for my gorgeous goddess barcode. (your generosity is greatly appreciated!) she is so damned funky. i originally had her hidden at blogbottom but she truly belongs at the top of the tree.

the race that stops a nation was on again today. as usual my intuitive choices for first past the post were obviously racing in a parallel world (and probably still are...) oh well, shit happens - i'm too happy to care la la la

the other goddess, the divine sarah, was singing on musicmax a short while ago, so i have surrendered to my obsession and am currently fumbling towards ecstasy (and warbling as i go...)

today's word has been previously noted and the number is abundant.

dum spiro, spero