Saturday, November 22, 2003

serene saturday...

...spent the day with miss e. went across the road to her place - this time it was my turn to provide coffees for sustenance, the panics cd for our listening pleasure and the SMH for perusal and comment. like a pair of schoolgirls, we took great pleasure in drawing beards, moustaches & obscene speech bubbles on a picture/story that offended us before tearing it from the paper and burning it. what childish fun!!!

went down to the village afterwards and bought some veges for dinner... yum... tried on a funky little mood ring in niknak that changed colour to blue/purple which means 'very relaxed' and that was how i felt... for once...

having an ausmusic fest today:
a house on a street in a town i'm from - the panics (surprise, surprise!)
galleon - richard pleasance (twice)
breathing tornadoes - ben lee
trax australian made vol I & II - featuring some reeeeally cool old aussie sounds like:
masters apprentices
zoot (i still have a soft spot for beeb birtles...)
doug parkinson
la de das - gonna see my baby tonight - ohmigod - i'm 16 again...
john(ny) farnham's divine 'one'
russell morris i am the real thing...
la la la - i'm in heaven...