Wednesday, November 26, 2003

glowing reports...

...lately i've been told that i'm 'glowing'. at least 5 people in the last 5 days have said so... don't know what i'm doing right, but i will continue to do it!!! i know i'm changing and getting stronger on the inside so maybe it's just translating to the outer shell... it will help me to go through with the adventure i have planned for tomorrow night...

a fairly easy day at work - mostly taken up with weekly statistics and the oh&s committee inspection and meeting. got the bus home with miss e for the only time this week - she is off to melbourne tomorrow - lucky duck (although she would not agree...)

went to bingo with mrs jane again tonight - of course, we won nothing but we had fun. it's always good to catch up for a gossip with janie.

have made plans to have breakfast with baby g and her parents on saturday morning. mr h will be my chauffer for the event which is very kind of him.

i'm a lucky girl, who is blessed with many fabulous friends.

more panics today... hand me that obsessions list... and right now, the divine sarah is on musicmax singing 'fallen'

today's word might as well be glowing and the number is abundant.