Sunday, November 30, 2003

gone fishing...

if you get a chance to see tim burton's new film, big fish, pleeeease see it. it has gone straight into my top five. it is beautifully made and the actors are fabulous. i have not cried so much during a movie since betty blue 17 years ago...

did you know: i was 18 inches away from ewan mcgregor earlier this year. went to see eddie izzard at the enmore theatre and mr mcgregor was there too - leaving the theatre, we were right beside him and had i been brave enough, i could have reached out to touch him. as well as being very handsome, he seems to be very unaffected by his fame. natalie portman was there too, and she is sooooo pretty.

miss e came over for dinner tonight and we watched secretary. after all the hype, i just don't get it. it was rather dull and boring... oh well, that's life.

today's unconscious mutterings...

  1. Scrooge:: mcduck
  2. Ribbon:: ponytail
  3. Physical:: olivia newton-john
  4. Income:: payday
  5. Dream:: weird
  6. Notebook:: computer
  7. Disney:: mickey mouse
  8. Combo:: jazz
  9. Booty:: pirates
  10. Skin:: touch

no cds, words or numbers today. i'll let you choose your own...

good night...