Monday, November 07, 2005


i am still here, just in lurk mode. thank you to my cheer squad, i appreciate your kind words and thoughts very much.

i never once thought that finding a new job would be the answer to all my problems but i did not realise the extent to which i have been squashing down the other stuff that bothers me. i was beginning to think that i had made a mistake with the job thing but i know that is so not true. the rest of my life is now demanding that i take notice of it, having kept it shoved under the all encompassing shroud that was old job misery. i am way too practiced in the art of stuffing all of my feelings down into a deep pit for later rumination and then never quite finding the time to do so. a lifetime habit is very hard to break. the emotional volcano threatened to erupt in the last few days but i have poked some vents in it to let some steam escape and the threat has been minimised.

i'm madly trying to catch up with my nanowriting - most things have been abandoned these last few days.

tomorrow, i will endeavour to post about my weekend (which was not all doom and gloom) and also do some unconscious muttering monday madness too.


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