Tuesday, November 01, 2005

horses for courses

i started this post at 10.30pm but have been too busy yapping on the phone to mr kim. it is now 11.53pm and i am tired, so i will make this brief...

melbourne cup today - i did not win anything. why change a lifetime tradition!
i'm still a winner! see music to my ears below.
nanowrimo started but can i keep it up??

a 14 day which is 140% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
cuttings : the editors
the back room : the editors
vega 95.3 - woo hoo!! i did go to bed early last night but i could not sleep as there was a bloody big bogong moth flittering about and i could hear it's wings flapping. i turned on the radio to shut out the sound and the evening competition came on so i called up and managed to win some dvds - tom petty and the heartbreakers, chris isaak and lyle lovett. i still have not picked up my last prize so hopefully they still have it and i can collect both when i finally get down there.