Thursday, October 14, 2004

the usual boring thursday

the heat has gone - YEAH!! 2 hours overtime tonight.

only a 7 dog day but the count included one of these and 3 dogs in the city - that is a very rare sight so there were bonus points today! if you are new here & confused by this crazy dogcount, i'll explain - i love dogs to the point of obsession. i live in a small suburban flat with a very small no yard and i work full-time. therefore, there is no way i can have a dog of my own at this point. many years ago, to ease the boredom of the bustrip to and from work, i started to count the dogs i saw each day. this has now turned into a daily mild obsession game - the more dogs i see, the better the day is. being my game, the rules are also up to me & extraordinarily arbitrary - dogs in cars, dogs in the city, guide dogs for the blind, multiples of the same breed with one human companion, the current 'favourite' dog, any dog that makes me smile/laugh & especially dogs that i get a chance to pat - they all get bonus points. bonus points can be just one or infinite (usually just a nice round gazillion). for every bit of happiness i get from seeing these dogs, i send out happiness vibes times 'x' to my friends and anyone else who wants it... so, can you spell 'deranged'?

today's soundtrack:
kicking the national habit : grand national :) thanks nisi!!
o : damien rice