Friday, November 18, 2005


a very strange day.

there is a set of traffics lights on flinders street that are never, ever red. this morning, the bus had to stop there. i knew then it would be a weird day.

at about 12.15m, there was a power cut. whoomp! suddenly everything was very quiet. i was about to go to lunch with ja, so we walked down 15 flights of fire stairs to find a firetruck out the front and what appeared to smoke or steam wafting from the top of our building. (no explanation for that and it appears to be unrelated to the power failure.) there was no panic and the building was not officially evacuated until after we had made our way out. ja and i went off to wynyard and did what we needed to do. by the time we got back, the lifts & lights were working but we had no desktop power. it was almost another hour before things were back to normal. in the meantime, i called miss e to say hello and to wish her a happy weekend with her family and she told me that the power has gone at their end of town too.

two totally unrelated and not that strange incidents but i just feel somewhere deep inside me that there has been shift in the tectonic plates of my life...

a 9 day which is 90% of the RDDHA

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