Sunday, January 01, 2006


quarter past midday and it is already 41°C - ugh!! the forecast was for a maximum of 35°C. i guess they got it wrong.

6.07pm update:: help!! 44°C - can you hear the sweat dripping?? the good news! there is southerly change on the way... until then, miss e and i are off to the labour club for the air con and cold cider :)

9.07pm update:: the temperature has dropped - to 40°C but the southerly has just made it here... the best sound i've heard all day is the thunder and the wind blowing the trees in the schoolyard!!

to escape the heat and to get some blessed air-con, went to see 'the family stone' today. a really good film, you will laugh, you will cry, you will cringe. luke wilson has become my sweetie of the week.

unconscious mutterings
1. Celebrate:: good times
2. Resolve:: fm
3. I need to:: stop faffing about and letting my life get out of control...
4. Call:: centre
5. Token:: woman
6. Brand:: body modification
7. Comparison:: contrast
8. Far away:: sunday, too...
9. Artful:: kisser
10. Fantastic:: plastic...