Monday, January 02, 2006

welcome to dullsville

a totally do nowt day. surfed the net, played with my playstation, not much else.

the temperature today is a far more civilised 21°C. my flat is still quite warm, despite having the doors and windows open all day to let the fresh, cool air in.

10.32pm update:: ooh! ooh!! ooh!!! have a look here. i like postcards.

monday madness! otto says " Happy New Year to you all! This week we're going to try something a little different."

Using the letters in the words HAPPY NEW YEAR, give yourself 2 minutes to list all the words you can make.

happy, new, year, yarn, harp, harpy, pray, prayer, pay, way, warn, wear, earn, yearn, pane, pare, pear, rape, nappy, wren, ray, hay, hear, hare, weep, wrap, warp, paw, raw, near, nape, happen, renew, yeah, phew!

that was two minutes but they keep coming...

prawn, yawn, whey, hype, hyper, wean, anew, pew, reap, heap, ear

that'll do...