Monday, January 16, 2006

20,000 leagues under the sea

well, 20,000 came and went - they came from the domain via blogexplosion - no comment, no claim. 20,001 was my dear friend mlb, so he gets the prize - yeah mikey!

monday madness! otto says "Good Monday to you all! Let's fill in the blanks! As always, I want to thank you for playing my meme! =)".

1. Before I walk out the door, I always check to make sure I have my house keys.
2. I can't seem to catch up on my sleep.
3. The one surface in my house that always seems to get cluttered fast is my computer desk.
4. If I sleep past 2pm, I feel that I've slept in too late.
5. No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to save money.
6. I hope to have my income taxes done by a qualified tax person, i have not done them for two years...
7. This year I'd like to make more time for learning new things.

daily happiness::
my 20,000th visitor, even if they were anonymous
a yummy salad for lunch - $10.50 but full of good things and only the things i want.

a 7 day which is 70% of the RDDHA. not a bad result, considering that it has been raining all day

music to my ears
a certain trigger : maximo park
funeral : the arcade fire
vega 95.3