Tuesday, January 03, 2006

a young jeff bridges - yum yum

back to work today. not a bad day, a 10am start and plenty to keep me busy. i really don't miss that other place. it was hard to get out of the habit of late nights and late morning sleep ins. i could not sleep last night and was still wide awake at 3.30am - lucky i was able to sleep in until 7.30!

p.s. deb55 - please leave another comment with your blog details and i will do my best to help you learn the joys of blogging :)

this is supposed to be a secret but i already spilled the beans...

in the interests of polishing the shiny, happy PMA, i will now include the following on a daily basis. even if i have to scrape the bottom of the happiness barrel, i am going to find something to be put here, every single day :)

daily happiness::
the cute policeman on the bus this afternoon. he looked like a young jeff bridges. **swoon** i wanted to create a ruckus, just so he might arrest me :)
a postcard from miss e (even though she has been back from her hols since nye)
getting my gas bill and being $25 in credit
my little green mini iPod, keeping my ears happy
googling jeff bridges and spending too much time looking at all the lovely pics of him

a 4 day which is 40% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
can't buy a thrill : steely dan
a certain trigger : maximo park
the invitation : thirteen senses
vega 95.3