Thursday, January 12, 2006

still undecided

very much a cbbb day yesterday. nothing at all exciting to report.

had my 'end of probation' meeting with my team leader today (a bit late but at least i'm still working there...) she had all positive things to say and ticked the box marked 'permanent'. i had a call from one of the boys who used to work at the previous helljob - he will be sending me his resumé. i'm also waiting on one of the girls from my old team to send me hers. i'll add 'saving souls' to my list of talents :)

another market research session tonight. $60 cold hard cash for discussing ideas for a new dating web site (not that i would know anything about that... ha ha ha...)

daily happiness::
meeting apollo, the dalmation, whose human companion works in one of the shops downstairs in the building i work in. a very lovely dog who has recently been quite sick. i hope he gets better - please send some love his way. infinite happiness for all, as i had the chance to pet him.

a 25 two days which is 125% of the RDDDHA with bon(e)us points for two city dogs.

music to my ears
a certain trigger : maximo park (it triggers a certain something in my head...)
vega 95.3