Wednesday, January 25, 2006

stones and stars

i was not feeling well enough to bother with much last night. so much so that i cancelled my plans to go and see franz ferdinand at the enmore *sob*

i fear that the possible but never 100% proven gallstones may have made an encore performance. i'm feeling much more betterer now but have an appointment to see my doc on saturday.

at work, a few weeks ago, i fixed a payment that had been incorrectly allocated. while doing so, i noticed that there a 8 previous payments that were also incorrect, so i fixed the lot. the guy who checked my work sent an email to the team, praising me for the effort. i appreciated his kindness but i was just doing what i thought anyone else would/should do. anyway, today in our monthly team meeting, i got a 'star' award - a bottle of wine and two cinema tickets. it was a bit embarrassing to be singled out for just doing my job but it was still nice to see that the manager takes notice of this stuff. go me!!

daily happiness::
a public holiday day off tomorrow! it's australia day.
my 'star' award

a 20 two days which is 100% of the RDDDHA. bon(e)us points for 7 city dogs! yeah!

music to my ears
1 giant leap : various artists
a certain trigger : maximo park
hot fuss : the killers
vega 95.3