Sunday, May 30, 2004

sunny sunday

another gorgeous autumn day in sunny sydney. a bit of a chill but lovely blue skies, lotsa sunshine and 21 dogs! yippee!!!!

up early and met miss e at the bus stop at 9.15. we got to the verona too early, so browsed about in the berkelouw bookstore - susan heaven. so many lovely books to peek at.

'super size me' is very interesting. i don't know how mr spurlock made it through 30 days of eating mcdonalds food for every single meal. i would have given up after one day. my dinner tonight was delicious home made chicken soup - bloody divine and better than micky d's any day.

after the movie, miss e and i came back to randwick and had a nice coffee in the village shopping centre. miss e had picked up a flyer for the movie and we stuck it over the face of ronald mcdonald that sits outside of the mcdonalds store. by the time we had been to the greengrocer and supermarket, it was gone. some people have no sense of humour!!

i had my first long timchat in ages this afternoon. we have not managed to connect on the weekend for a while. we usually have a few minutes conversation in the morning but have not had a nice long chat for way too long.

currently engaged in kimchat. the poor man has worked all weekend. his weekend will start on wednesday...

further soundtrack for today:
galleon : richard pleasance (again)
merry christmas mr lawrence : soundtrack (ryuichi sakamoto)
last broadcast : doves (again)
rumours : fleetwood mac
a song is a city : eskimo joe (again)