Saturday, May 15, 2004

did you miss me?

i forgot to say in my last post that i would be away for a few days, visiting the parental unit. i had a rostered day off on friday so decided i probably should go see my mum and dad. i haven't been since christmas. bad third daughter... they only live about 30 miles away (not quite an hour in the train), so it's not like i have to travel for ages to get there. spent some time in retail therapy with my mother. she bought me an early birthday present. i got two nice pairs of pinstriped trousers for work wear. the ones i'm wearing now are over 5 years old and starting to show their age. they were a bit long but mum took them up for me, so i don't have to rely on my own lacklustre needle skills (or staples and stickytape as i've done in the past.) we had a really yummy baked chicken dinner last night. the type that only mothers manage to make so well. as usual i was spoilt rotten and had breakfast made for me this morning before going off to work for overtime.

anyway i'm home now. going out tonight so i might blether on some more later.