Tuesday, May 25, 2004

tetchy tuesday

had my grump on today for reasons best left untold... again, we got hammered with too many calls; so again, no half/half for the new job. i'm getting very frustrated with the time it has taken to be released from my headset. at least there were 2 more people interviewed today and the girl who started last week is still turning up each day...

anyway, i'm thankful that i had some timchat this morning, got the bus home with miss e tonight and am currently engaged in kimchat.

speaking of tim, today we discovered that he knows baby g's mother's brother in law - it sure is one small world - they both studied at the same marine biology unit in guam, where the b-i-l lives.

TV Tuesday!!

Everybody may or may not love Raymond
Ray Romano and co. just signed on for one more year of Everybody Loves Raymond, for record salaries. Situation comedies have been popular on TV since the beginning, with Lucy and co. being one of the first. So what's your take on sitcoms?

1. What's your favorite sitcom? probably 'the royle family' or 'fawlty towers' and don't ever forget my obsession with 'the young ones'...
2. Is there a sitcom you really don't like? um, at the risk of being ostracised by my american readers/visitors, i would have to say most, if not all, american ones... i do like 'frasier', 'just shoot me' and 'sex and the city' but as you can tell from a lot of my answers, i am an anglophile and love all things british...
3. Which sitcom did you used to like, but now it just seems too hokey? um, i think they are all pretty hokey...

~Bonus~ If your life was a sitcom, what would the title be? what else but 'the 3rd daughter'!

And remember the immortal words of Homer Simpson: "The answers to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle. They're on TV."

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