Thursday, May 20, 2004


i've been neglecting my wee bloggy this week. i've just been too tired to come up with anything exciting to say.

monday bowling was pretty average - 132,120,112. it was an astounding 16 dog day.

tuesday i worked an 11 hour day - 3 hours overtime for the $$$$.

wednesday night we had a company social club event - a beer tasting at the lowenbrau keller. not being a beer drinker, i had 3 glasses of wine. it was a fun night but the wine made me want to sleep.

today i found out that i should be able to start my new job at the begining of june - yippee!!!

i've having a meme free week because my brain is just not up to it.

next week, on payday, i'm going to organise some prizes for the 'how well do you know me' quiz. i've borrowed shirl's idea and will give prizes for all participants. the winners? nisi and harryo with 90! shirl was very close with 80! participation prizes for karen, mike and bryn. if you are happy to do so, please email your snailmail address to me (three_d59 at yahoo dot com dot au). thanks for playing!

i'm off now. normal blogging will resume shortly!