Saturday, May 08, 2004

simple saturday

after a very lazy morning spent blogcruising, timchatting and kimchatting, i finally got off my butt and cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the bathroom, cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen again. have now been engaged in kimchat for the past 6 hours...

i like lazy saturdays. i will do the washing and vacuuming tomorrow.

soundtrack of the last few days:
greatest hits - 1970-2002 : elton john
goodbye yellowbrick road : elton john
echoes - the best of : pink floyd
short note : matt finish
yoshimi battles the pink robots : the flaming lips (lent to me by miss e)
glory road : richard clapton
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell
radio songs 1970-1974 : various - it has some great tracks like i've got to have you/carly simon, your move/yes, open your heart/g wayne thomas & long train running/doobie brothers.