Sunday, May 16, 2004


...was the day. after nearly 3 months of online and telephone chat (with almost 6 hours on the phone till 4am this morning), i finally met up with mr kim . after coffee at the globe cafe in coogee, we sat in the park above the beach and kept talking, then walked along the coast towards maroubra. he bought his lovely dalmation, zac, along too - lovely man, lovely dog. it was a perfect warm autumn day - just right for wandering around in the sun. i lost count of how many dogs were out and about. it was easily over 50!

  1. Playoffs:: american football?
  2. Morris:: russell...
  3. Break up:: fall apart
  4. Eggs:: benedict - yum!
  5. Parker:: brothers
  6. Hardy Boys:: mysteries
  7. Deluxe:: edition
  8. Protection:: safety
  9. Girl Scout:: cookies
  10. Salsa:: verde