Friday, May 28, 2004

oh dear,

...i've been very neglectful of my wee bloggy.

wednesday night i went to a pub trivia quiz with miss e, goanna, shell & kt and their housemates. we came 2nd which was a good effort. the team that beat us (by only 1 point) had a guy who won one of the highest amounts ever on 'sale of the century' (he went on to write questions for sotc and also now writes them for 'who wants to be a millionare' and 'the einstein factor'...) and an actress best known for playing a total ditz... our prize was a $75 voucher to use in the pub bistro. i guess we will just have to go back next week to spend our prize and go for 1st place...

last night, i felt so vile, i thought i was getting the dreaded lurgy... a few people at work have had it and mr kim has been suffering too. sore throat, scratchy voice, aching from the tips of my toenails to the top of my head. i was in bed, with my hot water bottle and a cup of chamomile tea by 9.30pm. i don't think i saw 9.45... i am feeling much better now. the voice is still a bit croaky but the aches have gone.

today has been a much better day. had a quick timchat this morning. spoke to eg in nz tonight. currently engaged in kimchat. there is still the chance that i may start my new job on tuesday but nothing has been set in concrete yet... i hope so, i'm soooooo wanting to get my teeth into all the new stuff.

the soundtrack of the last few days:
a song is a city : eskimo joe - bloody excellent aussie stuff. i recommend that you check it out.
the definitive anthology : richard clapton
a house on a street in a town i'm from : the panics
lost souls : doves
last broadcast : doves