Sunday, May 09, 2004


i'm possibly going to meet kim, of kimchat, later this afternoon. he is in the city for work and we will try to meet up for coffee when he finishes. nervous as anything, but looking forward to meeting him after two months of online/phone conversations...

update @ 9:54pm: the universe threw up some circumstances beyond our control, so no coffee today. currently chatting and organising another date/time to meet. disappointed but relieved. always strange meeting a virtual friend in real time.

apart from that, today i finished the housework and have not done much else. it is cold and raining. i'm thinking of getting the heater out of it's little hideyhole in the fireplace. that is the bricked up fireplace that does not allow a real fire to be lit... i'd like a real fire but knowing me, i'd burn the place down...

  1. Vagina:: monologues
  2. Racism:: wrong
  3. Mother's Day:: today
  4. Fire alarm:: firemen. mmm, firemen...
  5. Elvis:: costello
  6. Pregnant:: pause
  7. Vacation:: yes, please
  8. Waffles:: yum
  9. Perpendicular:: right angle
  10. Hospital:: ambulance