Sunday, February 13, 2005


having spent the last few weekends running around like a lunatic, this one was rather dull. i have not left my flat since getting home friday night. i have slept lots, spent way too much time on the whirled wild whatever and i have not done any housework. in my defence, i have a scratchy sore throat and ache from scalp to toenails... i've been battling this little lurgy for a while and it seems to have won... don't worry, i'm tough and will fight it off soon enough.

  1. Judge:: ...mental
  2. Detroit:: michigan
  3. Hyphen:: punctuation
  4. Get it right:: ...the first time
  5. Pulsating:: laser
  6. Yoga:: ashtanga
  7. Memorable:: unforgettable
  8. Financial advisor:: greedy
  9. Ten million:: dollars
  10. I:: ...don't believe it!!!
music to my ears
bits and bobs that i've downloaded today...
twin sister : the panics
the answer/tulips /banquet (phones disco edit) : bloc party
black and white town : doves
knife/killing time : polar
damage limitation/porn movie/dare to dream/torch : evolver
tonight tonight/crack in reality : the weird
since it all began : star-crossed-lovers