Sunday, February 06, 2005


after a nice sleep in, today i went down to bondi beach with my dear friends kt and his partner m, for the waitangi day festival. we ate hangi and drank l&p and listened to some maori performers. on the way home, i finally visited the bookstore of jane, my uncle's ex-wife, and she was working today! i didn't hang around long as the cafe was very busy but we've swapped phone numbers and plan to catch up soon. the bookstore is just fabulous - she has the life i want!! found a dorothy parker book that i used to own and had lent to someone and it was never returned. jane let me have it without payment which was so kind. i'm really looking forward to having a proper catch up with her.

anyway, i'm off to see the shins tonight. i may or may not post again when i get home. i've got tomorrow off work - yippee!!!

music to my ears
chutes too narrow : the shins