Monday, February 07, 2005

bumper omnibus long weekend special edition...

such a big weekend... yesterday, i forgot to wish miss e happy birthday wishes via my blog but i did it in person and via sms so i'm sure i am forgiven.

i forgot to tell you about the tv show taping thing that i went to on saturday night: the show is called 'stooged'. there are two contestants who have to make their friends believe that they have done something totally not like anything they would normally do. the first contestant, a guy, had to convince his mates he was working as a highly paid, high class male escort and that the husband of one of his clients was after him so he was flying off the philippines with the client for a while. the other, a girl, had to convince her friends that she had taken up amateur boxing and had won the amateur championship and was also working as a bodyguard for the likes of cher... they are provided with all sorts of props in order to convince their friends, i.e. kosta tszyu showing up at the girls apartment with a boxing trophy, a lady from the bodyguard agency turning up not long afterwards and a supposed work contract from cher's company for her and for him, a whole heap of expensive clothes & jewellry allegedly bought for him by the client and a glossy brochure for the escort agency with the guy's picture in it. his story was far more believable and he was the winner on the night. i have to say that the show is a bit silly but it was fun to be there. i'll probably watch it to see what the other 'stooges' were - the show we saw was the 13th and final episode. (does anybody know why most tv shows have a 13 show season???)

sunday night was the shins concert. the support acts were both very good. we've seen 'red riders' twice before and they get better each time - they were great last night. '78 saab' were excellent - i might have to look for their cds. the shins were fabulous, although it was soooo hot in the metro i had to escape just before the encore as i was starting to feel dizzy. out next big musical outings are 'the panics' at newtown rsl on february 18th and then 'bright eyes' in april - sooooo looking forward to both of these!!

now we come to today: being my rostered day off, i had a sleep in until 8.30am - this was totally negated by the fact that i stayed up until 2am talking on the phone to my friend jy... met up with miss e at 10am and we walked down to coogee and had a coffee at the globe cafe. we got the bus back up to randwick and did some grocery shopping. i bought some fresh vegetables and salad stuff as i must start eating properly again. i don't think i have cooked at all this year, unless you count reheating leftovers or toast as cooking...

  1. Shelter:: gimme...
  2. Karate Kid:: never seen it...
  3. Andrew:: ...peacock
  4. Rib:: ...eye
  5. Push it:: crappy 80's song
  6. Creep:: i'm a weirdo
  7. Chainlink:: fence
  8. Squash:: marrow
  9. No mercy:: the stranglers
  10. Superhero:: mystery men
music to my ears
chutes too narrow : the shins
the shins - live at the metro with 'red riders' and '78 saab' as support
the last broadcast : doves
a house on a street in a town i'm from : the panics
my favourite 70's stuff : various