Sunday, February 20, 2005

wet wet wet

it has been raining for most of today. great sheets of water with thunder and lightning - i love it. went to visit miss e today for afternoon tea. we drank tea, ate real english jaffa cakes and watched last night's 'rage' which was programmed by the lads from eskimo joe. being a good guest, i took her some lovely frangipanis from the tree in my backyard - it is still there despite the yard being transformed into a carpark...

i say and you think
  1. Dirty work:: i'm a fool to do your...
  2. Shopkeeper:: green grocer
  3. Goodness:: ...gracious
  4. Yearning:: pining
  5. Show and tell:: i'll show you mine... if you show me yours...
  6. Trapped:: claustrophobia
  7. Malcolm:: great aussie film
  8. Season:: spring
  9. Bestseller:: what i'm reading right now
  10. Desk:: where i spend a lot of my free time...
music to my ears
teenage werewolf / quarter to three / here in my hotel : faker - still obsessed...
the final straw : snow patrol
a song is a city : eskimo joe
plus selected songs from the panics, bright eyes, playtone, the shins, franz ferdinand, grand national and the dears