Wednesday, February 16, 2005

yeah, whatever...

many thanks to my visitors for their kind words. i'm feeling much, much better today so i made it back to work. sushi rolls for the lunch and a meeting with one of 'my' employers - a new group that i have taken on. 15 accounts and potentially 3000 members - a bloody huge account. hoping that by getting things set up right from the beginning, there will be less dramas further down the line. i like getting tasks like this to keep me busy.

btw, i managed to make it as far as today without mentioning the worldwide prostration to the shrine of consumerism and overpriced frippery... check this out - beautiful words that resonate much better for me than some distressed floral arrangement and scruffy teddy bear. happy woden's day!

here is something i have not played for a while. i stopped after a rather severe blogslump but still get the emails every week...
Wednesday Whatevers
1. How do accents come about? human nature & evolution - this page gives a perfect explanation - i love it when other people can provide the words that i cannot quite string together
2. Why are certain brands more desirable over others? it is due to the power of the advertising dollar and also to a level of stupidity and a certain sheep-like need to conform that drives most consumers... bring back the individual!!!
3. Why do we use different currencies? for the same reasons we have different accents...

music to my ears
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