Thursday, February 03, 2005

you can stop nagging me now...

we had our monthly staff meeting this morning. with the new office, there is a new method - made possible by the fact that we have a meeting room capable of holding everybody and that has enough seats! the meetings used to be staggered over three sessions and often there would be people standing. now, at 7.45am breakfast is provided and we have the one meeting from 8am til 8.30am. this means the call centre can operate with their normal early morning staff levels without missing service standards and the back-up team don't waste half the day being chained to our desks by our headsets - yippee... i ended up with 10 points in the rewards & recognition scheme for my recent letter of praise to the fund ceo, plus another 9 points for various bits of appreciation from our team leader. with the 4 points i already had, i'm only 2 points away from a $25 gift voucher - yippee!! i'm starting to like my job again...

starting early meant i could leave early so i was back in beautiful downtown randwick before 5pm. the bus stop is right outside the building where my doctor has her office. as i was getting of the bus, she stepped out of her building and was walking a few steps ahead of me. i noticed that her skirt was caught up in her undies, so i tapped her shoulder to let her know. she was very grateful and luckily had not gone far enough for too many people to have seen it. i ended up having a proper consultation with her and now have a referral to have an ultrasound to check out the killer gallstones - happy now!!

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