Sunday, December 28, 2003

aahhh, sunday, lazy sunday...

it's official - i am the laziest witch in the world. i have spent most of today on the web, with a short intermission to lie on the couch and watch 'the royal tannenbaums' (during which i did not find anything to laugh at...). i will return there shortly to watch 'the best bits of the late show' - both dvds borrowed from my 22yr old nephew, who it seems is a boy with good taste. not only does he read iain banks books and have 'queens of the stone age' in his cd collection, he also has 'the panics - a house on a street in a town i'm from' - i'm sorry i ever said you were a geekboy, you're actually pretty cool...

had a fun conversation with the head jester in london, chatted with ray in NC, discussed project management with colorado tim and had a very involved deep & meaningful conversation with john in virginia (yes, there is a santa claus...). miss em got a few words in also - will visit her on tuesday to see how much her beautiful little man has grown. also had a quick chat with supreme goddess suzikb (was that you lurking around my wee bloggy, for over an hour, earlier tonight??) - love your guts, girl!

miss e has returned from her christmas trip to the ancestral home - we will meet for a movie tomorrow (after this lazy cow has done the housework) - we'll probably see 'love actually' and save 'lotr:rotk' for an early morning session.

another day to be thankful for those who choose to step inside my circle of friends, new and old.

anyway, enough of the insane rambling, here are some unconscious mutterings:

  1. Seeker:: judith durham
  2. Mirror:: mirror, on the wall
  3. Fire:: men - mmm... firemen...
  4. Goblet:: elliott
  5. Empty:: promises
  6. Secrets:: and lies
  7. Defense:: department of
  8. Hatchet:: job
  9. Vapour:: vicks vaporub
  10. Ministry:: of sound