Tuesday, December 23, 2003

the circus draws closer...

met up with the lovely cg today. we had a good gossip and giggle session.

had dinner with h.o. and m.r. (who brought back some lovely chocolat from paris for me - nice suprise). k.b. just happened to be in the same place, so of course i had to have a gentle flirt with him. we ended up walking down to chinatown and having an ice cream at passionflower - bloody delicious.

another day when i must be thankful for the fabulous friends that have stood by me through the fun times and more importantly, through all the crap times.

off to the family circus tomorrow, so little blogging will be done between now and saturday.

if you happen to drop in and have a look about, i hope you have/had a merry christmas!

now for some fun: 2nd good thing found here, liked it, borrowed it (again...) the challenge here is to take your favorite band, and describe yourself using titles to their songs. i'll let you work out the band from the answers below (hint: the answer is on this page already...)

Are you a male or a female?
How old are you?
primitive notion
Describe yourself:
How would other people describe you?
someone like you
What is your mood right now?
Describe your main interest:
How do you feel about yourself?
in a lonely place
Describe your childhood:
run wild
Where are you?
Where would you rather be?
bizarre love triangle
Describe how you live:
dreams never end
Describe how you love:
true faith
Describe what you want:
slow jam
What can't you live without?
the perfect kiss
What enrages you?
Describe your career of choice:
way of life
What do you look for in the opposite sex?
How do you see yourself dying?
chosen time
Share a few words of wisdom:
everythings gone green
What do you think of this thing?
every little counts