Monday, December 29, 2003

i'm losing track of what day it is...

that must mean i'm entrenched in holiday mode!! yeah!! not so lazy witch finally did the housework today... still finding little velours to vacuum off the carpet...

went to see 'love actually' with miss e today. i don't recommend you see this film if you are single and sick of it... too much loveydovey and too many gorgeous men - hugh grant, colin firth AND liam neeson. even billy bob thornton looked damned hot! i could happily spend the rest of my life with any or all of them 8) forced to choose just one, i think colin would win, sorry hugh... mmm... maybe we could work out some sort of timeshare arrangement... if only stuff like that could happen to real people in real life (like me...) guess who's sick of being single???

miss e brought me back a very cute present from her christmas break - a ladybird keyring filled with cherry lipgloss and some beaded bracelets to bring me love and money. she's already provided the happiness with the lucky elephant. i've said it before and i'll say it again, she is a treasure and i wish everybody could have a friend as good as her.

(cheating here by coming back after midnight to add MONDAY madness, not tuesday tardiness...)

1. List three words to describe yourself. susan, single, searching
2. List three words to describe your job. talk, talk, talk
3. List three words to describe your computer. old but works

good night. need my beauty sleep as i'm off early to visit miss em and her little man!