Saturday, December 13, 2003

back from wherever...

have not been in any mood to blog lately. not in any mood to do much of anything.

need to work out a way of getting the goddess barcode back on the screen... looks like the previous generous offer of hosting has been revoked... oh, well - that's life. not feeling particularly goddessy so i guess it's appropriate that it's missing right now.

have dragged my grumpy butt out twice this week. thursday night's festivity (call centre team dinner) involved going to a greek restaurant in surry hills and being charged more than was quoted and not being allowed to byo despite the website and the menu on the door of the place saying it was allowed... the staff were rude as well. the lamb was delicious, but i don't recommend that you go there.

last night was the company social club christmas trivia quiz/party. free booze, free food and our team won. what more could a girl ask for?

see ya...