Tuesday, December 02, 2003

confusion reigns...

...the universe has stepped in again and moved all the landmarks and signposts. after last night's 'hell is other people' rant, i hear from someone who could easily be heaven... i think i'll just hop on board and enjoy the ride.

after a dismal start, it turned out to be a ten dog day, with bonus points for the pug and the most gorgeous, tiny, white puppy that was enjoying a walk up oxford street.

i've found my christmas spirit and bought a $10 christmas tree from the supermarket (60cm high, with tinsel, decorations AND coloured lights!!) and it's happy sitting on a santa-papered box under the window. there are more coloured lights around the window frame. bah humbug...

after a sarah mclachlan morning, i needed something with a bit more edge tonight, so have reverted to the original obsession - new order/get ready - great stuff.

the word is cage, the number is 00:36:00

good night.