Saturday, December 27, 2003

home sweet home...

ahhh... it's over and i'm back in my own little space in this world. the circus was not too bad this year. slept most of christmas day and had family lunch at big sister's house on boxing day. visited jj&j on boxing night. it is a very odd feeling to spend time with family and friends and feel that you just don't fit in. it makes being home again so much better.

was most annoyed with myself on wednesday - took great care to select 25 of my favourite cds and filled my little cd carrier & then left my portable cd player at home... so after 3 days of withdrawals from decent music (my opinion only, i don't expect you to agree with me...) i'm spending the day listening to duran duran, 10cc and all the other crap 80s stuff that i love soooo much 8-)