Tuesday, December 23, 2003

stupid dodos

i lost access to the world wide whatever last night and after connecting could not do anything or go anywhere 8-( the same thing was happening this morning, so called my alleged service provider and all they wanted was a call back number - would not even answer a simple question. after the grief their accounts department has given me i decided that hasta la vista was the best course of action. baby g's parents were telling me about their isp over breakfast on sunday (it's the same one i was originally with [and happy with] before being seduced by the low cost charms of the other) and i've now returned to the warmth of their embrace - i've even signed up with them for telephone service and i will end up spending less - bonus!!

anyway, enough blethering...

had christmas dinner and a good gossip with mrs jane last night. she gave me the cutest beaded ladybird coin purse for my chrissy gift. she is very good at finding useful ladybird items.

interesting, if somewhat devilish conversation with bertie made a very nice ending to another wasted day.

yesterday's belated word would have to be deforestation and the number is 10

more later.