Sunday, June 27, 2004

chicken soup for the soul

a homebody day today. slept in till 10am. did some washing, cooked chicken soup. end of story. well, i surfed the net for a while too, but that is nothing unusual...

i also took my bird cage apart today. the only thing i kept was the bell that hung above the swing - she used to wear it as a hat. i've been talking to my little booboo all week even though she is not there anymore. i even had a chat with her while dismantling her cage. i guess a habit of 12 years is hard to break. i do miss my little budgie.

off to the labour club for a birthday drink with miss e tonight. the club has a lucky number draw for members with a birthday in june. i might win $1000 or $100 - i can only hope - go 217!

enough blethering, i'll mutter instead...

  1. Lounge:: lizard
  2. Photograph:: album
  3. Catacomb:: cave
  4. Crucifix:: catholic
  5. Fire drill:: get out!
  6. Tube:: the tubes
  7. Dropped:: you're...
  8. LTD:: PTY...
  9. Panther:: penrith
  10. Formica:: laminex

soundtrack for the last 24hrs:
rhinestone cowboy - the best of : glen campbell (twice)
greatest : duran duran
every breath you take - the singles : the police
crime of the century : supertramp
crisis? what crisis? : supertramp