Wednesday, June 16, 2004

happy hump day!

wednesday: 7 dogs, no overtime (only because i could not be bothered...), a letter from my dear friend cg - a kind of chain letter but with a good result - two names and a letter asking me to send a paperback book from my vast collection to the first person on the list. i then remove that name, add mine as the second name and send the letter to six booklovers that i know. if it all works right, i should end up with 36 books to read! i can find six books - i've just dragged two from the shelf already... i want to read them again... ooh, this will be hard... who wants a couple of free books?

the best good news today is that miss e was successful at a job interview she had last week. still in the same company as me but a promotion - you go girl! i'm so proud of you! i got a bit teary when she told me. she will be working more with my new team so that will be fun.

our company social club has a night out tomorrow to see shrek 2 (another free movie, i'm a lucky girl) and i haven't seen shrek yet. tomorrow's birthday girl, miss shell, has lent me her dvd (bless her) so i'm off to watch that now. see ya!

today's soundtrack:
a song is a city : eskimo joe - it just gets better every time i hear it...