Wednesday, June 23, 2004


i think my answer to q5 of sunday's unconcious mutterings was a bit of a premonition... mr kim and i were going to go and see richard clapton, live at the roxy theatre, tomorrow night. i'm very disappointed to report that the show has been cancelled due to illness. bummer. :( that, as they say, is life.

today i had lunch with my dear friend cg. we've not caught up for a while so it was very nice to see her. we had a bite to eat at 'the chili club' and then went to the art shop to check out a calligraphy demonstration.

tonight i went with mrs jane to the final night of her tarot reading class. all of the students bought along a friend and the students read the cards for the guests. i had a lady from chile read mine. she was very nervous as it was the first time she had read for a stranger. her reading had a lot of similar themes to the one mrs jane did just a few weeks ago. the lady from chile is more attuned to past life readings and believes i lived in italy in a previous life - that does not surprise me one little bit!

no soundtrack today, i've been too busy out and about.

good night!