Sunday, June 20, 2004

sad sunday...

i am truly blessed to have the very bestest friend in the whole wide world. miss e came over this afternoon and helped me bury my little booboo in the back yard. she bought over some soft tissue paper and some nice purple cellophane to wrap her up with. we dug a hole under the frangipani tree, put some bird seed in the soil and stuck one of the last frangipanis left on the tree in the dirt. the worst part was 10 minutes later when my neighbour, sue, told me that the yard will be dug up next week to put in some car parking spaces and the frangipani tree will probably be removed. i could not bear the thought of the poor wee birdy being unceremoniously dumped like that so we went back down to the yard to dig her up again. sue dug a hole under the other frangipani tree near the fence and we buried poor booboo for the second and last time. i'm crying as i type this but i'll be ok. i will miss my little friend of 12 and a half years. she's been with me through the best and worst bits of my life.

anyway, enough blubbering for now. here are some

  1. Abundance:: plenty
  2. Casino:: blueberry muffins
  3. Shell:: carapace
  4. Overpriced:: expensive
  5. Cancellation:: disappointment
  6. Eternal:: flame
  7. Lyrics:: sing along
  8. Faith:: you've gotta have...
  9. Because:: i love you
  10. Wimp:: big girl's blouse

saturday update:
i worked overtime yesterday then came home and had a nice nap on the couch before going out for miss shell's birthday drinks. we went to the revamped flinders hotel which is pretty funky. i was almost going to be old & boring and stay at home but i'm glad i went as it was not a bad night, there was a good crowd of people and i had a lot of fun.

recent soundtrack:
diva : annie lennox
karma : delerium
it's my life : talk talk
elemental : tears for fears
the collection : the style council
get ready : new order
(the best of) : new order
listen without prejudice : george michael
the definitive anthology : richard clapton (disc 2 - i sang along, out loud, to 'angelou' as i walked down martin place on my way to work yesterday. i love the city when it's early and the footpaths are mostly empty.)