Friday, January 14, 2005

footwear crisis...

i wore my comfy brown sandals to work today - they are (were) 5 years old. at lunchtime i went with miss e and miss meg to paddys markets. when we got back to work, i noticed that the sole of the left sandal had decided to disintegrate; by the end of the day there was very little left and the right one had started to join in the decay... a fine excuse to go to myer and buy some new ones

two pairs for $112!!! seeing as i was at the right end of town, i also placed the order for my new computer today - it will be ready to pick up next thursday - oooh!! i cannot wait!! in the spirit of tying up loose ends, i also went to visit my jeweller friend and picked up my ruby ring that has been in for repair for months - just waiting for me to have the money to pay for it. my left hand has been quite naked without this delicous red stone creation and i'm feeling balanced and better for having it back.

recently it was discovered that my uncle b has lung cancer. he has been a heavy smoker for most of his life, so no surprises there. sorry if i sound uncaring; i do care, it is just a fact and there is nothing much any of us can do except support him any way we can. anyway, my mother decided to place an ad in the daily paper to try and find his wife and daughter, who we have not seen or heard from for a long, long time. it was probably 1987 when i last saw jt, his wife. she is my age and we used to get along really well. her daughter k is now 23. jt contacted mum today and it turns out she is still living only a few suburbs away from me and runs a bookstore/coffee shop - lucky duck!! she told mum that she'd love to catch up with me, so i'm thinking a trip to that bookstore is on the cards this weekend. the past just keeps coming back to me!

i'm working some overtime tomorrow - 8 hrs @ double time - it will pay for a large chunk of that new computer!!

i'm a very lucky girl and i'm sending love and luck through the universe to all of my friends and visitors - just smile and it's yours!

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