Saturday, July 24, 2004

what a weekend...

... and i still have sunday!!!

what have i been up to?

1. going deaf - went to metro on thursday night with miss e and shell. the first band were the same band that were first support for the panics, back in march - i was not terribly impressed then but they have improved quite a lot and have a lot more confidence and decibels. i guess that some airplay on jjj has not done them any harm. the second band were as boring as batshit (miss e described them as 'wanky experimental crap' and i have to agree). franz ferdinand were excellent - it was worth the wait considering that we got the tickets back in may. the metro was totally full of people, some girl chucked her bra up on the stage, a couple of guys were crowd surfing - it was a great night and the band seemed genuinely surprised by the positive response from the audience.

2. going deafer - last night miss e and i went to see eskimo joe at the roxy. the first two bands were pretty good - i enjoyed them enough to consider looking out for their cds. eskimo joe were fabulous - we did not expect any less. it was weird because a lot of the crowd appeared to be very uninspired by the show. how they could remain motionless was too hard to fathom so miss e and i just grooved along and had a great time.

3. shopping - i'm getting a new mobile phone so expect to see more photos on here soon. the only effort this purchase required was for me to lift my current phone to my ear and talk to the lady at my service provider. they call me when my current plan is about to expire and let me know what new phones are available and which ones i can have as long as i sign up for another 2 years. it saves me having to do too much about it so i always sign on again. i've also bought some nice new mulberry scented candles, 'bowling for columbine' on dvd and (wait for it...) some wool - because i've taken up...

4. KNITTING! my mother has finally convinced me to try to knit my own beanie and even a scarf. mum gave me some wool for the hat and i bought some for the scarf. don't hold your breath waiting for the results, but i'm determined to wear one of them before the winter is out!

the soundtrack has been eskimo joe and franz ferdinand, live and in my head

i'll be back when my ears stop ringing...